Best LLC Service : Who Is Best For Business?

February 15, 2020

Are you looking for the formation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) but you do not have enough budgets to hire an attorney? Do you feel nervous about doing the paperwork for your business on your own?

Do not worry as there are third-party services that handle the business formation process completely on your behalf by saving the money and getting you the time to concentrate on starting the business at a lower cost.

With the help of these professional filing services, you get an LLC and get the Employer Identification Number (EIN) at an affordable price. Moreover, these business formation services know the requirements of each state and smoothen the process and make you feel relaxed.

In this article, you will see the best LLC service in NYC reviewed for 2020, their reviews, pricing structure, and comparisons. We will also discuss the amazing and affordable features they have to offer. By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the best LLC service for your business.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best LLC Service! 

What makes Zen Business unique is that the organization is socially conscious and has always focused on doing good to grow the company positively.

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It is affordable too as you will get much by paying only the state filing fee. It includes the registered agent service for a year, real-time tracking of the order.

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LegalZoom is a well-known business formation service and it has served around 4 million clients since 1999. They provide basic packages which include:

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6 Best LLC Service For 2020

#1. Zen Business

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Zen Business is the most recommended & best LLC service. It is a Texas-based company and has guided a large number of businesses since its establishment in 2015. It is liked by customers and has got positive reviews.

What makes Zen Business unique is that the organization is socially conscious and has always focused on doing good to grow the company positively.

Zen Business has a partnership with and has helped a lot of people to get out of poverty by lending money.

Also, it provides a loan to women and small businesses to get out of the ground.

Your Major Takeaways:

  • It offers great prices.
  • It has outstanding customer reviews.
  • It provides the registered agent.


  • It is fairly a new company

Additional Service & Feature:

Zen Business not only helps in LLC formation or provides registered agent service but also offers various other services. Below are some of the additional features and services that Zen Business offers:

  • Worry-Free Compliance ($110 per year): Zen Business can help you in managing your annual reports and also tracks the deadlines of other important filings so that your business stays compliant.
  • Amendments ($100): Zen Business helps you in making necessary changes with the Security of State in case you want to amend your articles of organization.
  • Publication Service ($200): Zen Business also helps you handle the whole process of publication of the formation of LLC.
  • Federal Tax ID Number ($70): Zen Business help you in securing the Federal Tax ID Number also called EIN which is like the Social Security number for your business.

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#2. Incfile

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IncFile is one of the best LLC Service in Texas. It is highly recommended by its customers owing to its services.

It is affordable too as you will get much by paying only the state filing fee. It includes the registered agent service for a year, real-time tracking of the order and online dashboard of compliance tools.

The LLC formation services of IncFile are similar to Zen Business such as EIN, Operating Agreement, and Registered Agent Services, etc. Apart from that, they have a very good customer rating.

Read A Detailed Review Of Incfile Vs LegalZoom We Have Written Earlier.

Your Major Takeaways:

  • It has outstanding customer feedback.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a large variety of additional services available.


  • IncFile has very few upsells and offers from third-party.

Additional Service & Feature:

Apart from LLC formation and providing the registered agent service, some additional features are offered by IncFile. Below are some of the features that IncFile provide:

  • Business License Research ($99): IncFile determines the licenses required by your business so that your business can operate in a compliant way and then the applications are sent.
  • Foreign Qualification ($149): IncFile helps in applying for foreign LLC in other states in case you are interested in operating the business from other states.
  • Trademark Registration ($199): IncFile helps you in protecting your business name by providing the certified trademark from USPTO.

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#3. Northwest Registered Agent

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If you want the minimum rates available while getting the primary business formation services you require, then Northwest Registered Agent would be the best choice.

They do not offer as many features as IncFile provides but Northwest offers everything you will need:

  • Free registered agent service for one year
  • Tremendous Customer support
  • Having a lot of experience provides a personal touch

Northwest offers the same services as Zen Business provides such as an operating agreement, registered agent services, etc. making it another great option to start a business.

Your Major Takeaways:

  • It offers services at affordable prices.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It also provides the best customer support.


  • It is not much reviewed by the customers.

Additional Service & Feature:

Northwest Registered Agent does not only provide registered agent and LLC formation service but also offers some other services and features including:

  • Mail Forwarding ($40 monthly): They offer you a suite number and unique address which can be used on your websites, bills, letterhead, etc.
  • Virtual Office ($49 monthly): They give a well-staffed office with a suite of secretarial services to increase the expertise of your business.
  • Annual Report Filing ($100): They assure the filing of annual reports timely, thus you don’t need to worry about ongoing compliance requirements.

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#4. Legal Zoom

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LegalZoom is a well-known business formation service and it has served around 4 million clients since 1999. They provide basic packages which include:

  • They file all formation documents with the state
  • LegalZoom Peace of mind review
  • One to one customer support

Besides the LLC formation services, LegalZoom also provides accounting services for the business tax requirements such as payroll taxes. So, there is no problem at all to choose LegalZoom as an incorporation service.

Your Major Takeaways:

  • LegalZoom has increased its customer support time.
  • They have no registered agent included with incorporation.


  • LegalZoom charges high prices for their services.

Additional Service & Feature:

LegalZoom offers a large number of business services that help you run a company at any level of the business. Let’s have a look at their services:

  • Trademark Registration ($199): It protects your brand by registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Business Advisory Plan ($31.25 monthly): This plan includes consultations with contract reviews, attorneys, tax advice, etc.
  • Annual Reports ($55): They create and file your annual reports for $55, which is one of the lowest rates for this service.

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#5. Rocket Lawyer

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Rocket Lawyer provides a premium customer service and suite of optional legal services which makes it one of the best choices for business formation services. Rocket Lawyer is sponsored by Google Ventures and it is a bit expensive than some other formation services. Below are some features for their members:

  • Rocket Lawyer Provides Registered Agent Services to their members
  • They offer heavy discounts on legal fees
  • They make consultations with business lawyers on your behalf
  • Rocket Lawyer provides quick filing

Rocket Lawyer has more experience than other formation service providers in the market. With over 20 million clients served, their subscribers get the most value out of their incorporation filing, thus if you are interested in Rocket Lawyer, then a monthly subscription is recommended.

Your Major Takeaways:

  • Rocket Lawyer has plenty of experience.
  • It offers well-built customer support.
  • They have strong customer feedback.


  • Their incorporation service is a bit expensive.
  • They have no advanced features included in their services.

Additional Service & Feature:

Rocket Lawyer provides many business services to take from. Let’s have a look at their popular services and features.

  • Legal Documents ($39.99 per document): If you need a document such as a non-disclosure agreement or a business contract, then you can buy it instead of subscribing to their legal services.
  • Legal Services Subscription ($39.99 monthly): The subscribers of this plan get discounts on attorney fees, attorney consultations, unlimited legal documents, free incorporation service, etc.
  • Registered Agent Service ($149.99 yearly): Rocket Lawyer provides registered agent services, which can be availed at a 25% discount if you are already a subscriber to their legal services plan.

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#6. Biz Fillings

Biz Filings have been providing formation services for the past 20 years and are still a well-respected incorporation service for all kinds of businesses. Below are some popular features of Biz Filling;

  • Biz Filings provides free registered agent service for 6 months.
  • They provide extensive document library access to their customers.
  • BizComply provides its customers with the Compliance Monitoring Tool.

Biz Filings has plenty of free educational content on its website which includes state by state guides and FAQs. They never stick out to any single way, but they have a well-balanced incorporation filing package.

Your Major Takeaways:

  • Their services include 6 months registered agent.
  • Biz Filings has a lot of experience.
  • Biz Filling has extended its customer support hours.


  • Biz Filings offer Mediocre pricing
  • It takes vague turnaround times

Additional Service & Feature:

BizFilings offers many other services like other companies. Let’s take a look at some of their additional services and features.

  • BizComply Compliance Management ($75 yearly): This service includes registered agent service for free. This service helps you maintain the complaint status of your company all over the year and also keeps your company in a good position.
  • Dissolution Filing ($179): It is a fact that not all businesses last long. Biz Filings provides a service in which they formally dissolve your company at a very affordable price if you require it.
  • Foreign Qualification ($219): If you wish to increase your business then Biz Filings provides to get your foreign qualification, letting you run a compliant business in any state.

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Advantages Of LLC Service –

  • LLC Formation services help you save your time and effort by handling the process themselves. Moreover, you need not understand the legalities of initiating an LLC.
  • Most of the LLC Formation Service providers have an online dashboard using which you will be updated on the crucial government deadlines so that they won’t get missed.
  • LLC websites provide extensive email and phone support system in case you have any query. Otherwise, following the DIY route, you need to contact the state which takes more time to respond.
  • With these LLC services, you can save hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on hiring an attorney.

Disadvantages Of LLC Service –

  • You need to pay some fees to form LLC with the help of these formation services that can be saved if you have enough knowledge and time.
  • Lawyers are more experienced and have the expertise and can guide you well by providing insights as compared to these online incorporation services.

How To Choose The Best LLC Service For You!

All these LLC Formation Services provide different features and services and you need to make payments accordingly to get the advantage of these services. You can select the best LLC Formation Company based on your requirements and the services you are looking for. Below is the comparison of these LLC Formation Services based on the features they provide.

  • Best Business Formation Service: Zen Business

Zen Business is the most recommended & Best LLC service provider as it gives immense importance to its customers; even the ones opted for lowest priced business service plans.

The minimal package of Zen Business costs only $39 with state fee extra and includes services such as registered agent, operating agreement and worry-free CPA Assessment.

Apart from, this, they have other features such as domain name registration, Employee ID Number and Compliance Guarantee.

The premium package of Zen Business which costs $249 with state fee extra offers the filing for entrepreneurs who need quick and comprehensive business formation service.

  • Honourable Mentions: IncFile and Northwest

IncFile also provides affordable packages as Zen Business for the Best LLC Service. The silver package which charges only the state fee includes services such as LLC formation, lifetime compliance alerts, and one-year free registered agent service. Though the charge $40 for their operating agreement.

The gold package of IncFile costs $149 with additional state fees and offers banking resolution, operating agreement and EIN registration. The platinum package includes the contact templates; expedited filing and free business website and domain name and costs $249 with additional state fee.

Northwest provides all the necessary LLC services required for business information. The middle and top tier package of Northwest includes the Operating Agreement and EIN. Their registered agent services are covered under their basic package which costs $49 with additional state fees.

In addition to that, Northwest has the top-notch customer service as their support agents are highly trained. They provide Corporate Guides to their customers. These corporate guides are linked to the specific accounts of customers so that they can talk to the same person in case of any queries or concerns.

  • Best LLC Legal Service: Rocket Lawyer

It is the perfect choice in case you are looking for legal advice for ongoing legal services. If you choose this as your LLC Formation Company, then it is suggested that you should pay for the premium membership which costs $39.99 per month instead of paying for the standard filing fee which is $99.99.

Being a premium member, you will get free legal consults, access to the large infinite number of legal documents and attorney services at discounts in addition to the free business formation services.

FAQ’s – Best LLC Service

Are these mentioned LLC services the only services?

These are the best-reviewed LLC services and are highly recommended. However, there are many other LLC service provider companies too.

Do these mentioned LLC Services provide other services for small businesses?

All the mentioned LLC service providers provide some additional services for your business in addition to the LLC formation. As an example, these online companies give annual report service, business documents, and federal tax ID number acquisition, etc.

Does it make any difference if I select the basic package?

Each package of these companies includes the LLC formation service. It does not matter what package you are buying, you will get all the features provided specifically to that package. However, there are few services e.g. LegalZoom in which the turnaround time depends upon the package you buy.

Does LLC Service give more legal and financial protection to me?

Yes, using an LLC service protects your finances and your privacy specifically, if you choose that company to serve you as a registered agent.

Are there any risks if I use the Online LLC Service?

There is no risk in using the online LLC service. Rather, there is more risk if you form an LLC on your own. With online service, you can relax as your business is formed correctly because these are experienced in their field.

It’s Your Turn Now!

It is the dream of many people around to start their own business but it is very crucial to be sure to protect the finances.

There are different ways to achieve this depending upon the type of business model you want to form.

One of the best ways is to keep the assets separate from the small business while forming the corporation. Limited Liability Corporation is the most accepted option.

There are a large number of online companies that provide these LLC formation services along with many other benefits.

Based on the services provided by these online companies and the price they charge, you can select the best possible option for you according to your set of requirements. I have given a brief overview of the top 6 reviewed LLC providers.

Now you must have a clear picture of the Best LLC formation services and choose the best for you.