Incfile Review : Best LLC Service

February 21, 2020

If you have been looking for some legal help for your business, then you must have heard about the online legal service. Online legal help is the most convenient and affordable option by which you get a quick response to your questions.

There are several legal online service providers available and IncFile is one of the best LLC service providers that offer help for small businesses. With IncFile, small business owners can hire a registered agent, incorporate business on IncFile by paying just state filing fees and file the business tax and much more. I will share the IncFile review in this article and will provide details of the IncFile such as business formation services, pricing, its comparison to other service providers, etc. in this article.

What is Incfile?

IncFile is an online legal service Provider Company that helps small businesses to start up, file taxes and file compliance documents. The services provided by IncFile are customized according to the requirement varying from state to state. With IncFile, there are no long-term contracts as they charge the one-time flat fee for all their services.

IncFile is considered best for providing the best LLC formation service. The company started in 2004 and since then, it has helped more than 250,000 companies to form their business. The staff of IncFile is aware of all the entity formation requirements for the 50 states of the USA and Washington D.C. 

Incfile Review – Services

IncFile offers various types of legal assistance that can be accessed from the IncFile website. Below are some of the services provided by IncFile Review:

  • Due diligence: IncFile help you check the availability of your business name and will also search for the business license you will need for your business. These are the first requirement for any business to start that you can attain with the help of IncFile.
  • Business entity filings: With IncFile, you can create the Limited Liability Company (LLC), C-Corporation or S-Corporation Form. IncFile will do all the paperwork for filing the documents and will submit the documents to the state on your behalf.
  • Registered agent: IncFile will act as your registered agent too that will accept all your legal documents and your official mails. IncFile provides the free registered agent service for a year.
  • File business taxes: IncFile provides the tax professional too who can help you in filing your tax for small businesses. The owners can themselves also file the tax with the help of IncFile. You are also allowed to get the tax status of your S-Corporation using IncFile.

  • Compliance: With the guidance of IncFile, you can handle the compliance matters as well. This constitutes the filing of an annual report for the corporation and requesting an EIN.
  • Company changes: IncFile helps you in doing all the necessary paperwork that needs to be done in case your business gets a name change or change of any other information and in case you get a new registered agent for your business.
  • Trademark registration: Indeed, IncFile does not help actively in the field of intellectual property filings but you can get trademark registration services from IncFile.
  • Certificate of good standing: While starting the new business or lending money for your business, some government agencies, investors and lenders may ask for proof of good standing. IncFile can help you in getting the certificate of good standing from the state.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, IncFile Review is the warehouse of useful information that can help the people looking to start a new business. As an example, IncFile publishes the state processing times that help the business entity filings related information. Also, they host a tool that you can use to calculate the compliance deadlines to avoid missing important dates.

Incfile Review – Pricing

IncFile is the most affordable service provides as compared to the other online legal service providers. They offer different plans for their services that constitute the silver plan at entry-level that charge $0 plus additional state fees, mid-tier gold plan that charge $149 with additional state fees and the premium platinum plan with cost $299 with additional state fees. The close competitor of IncFile Review, LegalZoom has the lowest plan at $79 with additional state fees. Thus, IncFile is quite affordable than other similar service providers.

The amount that you will pay for your services will vary from one state to the other where you will be doing your business. To exemplify, California charges high state filing fees as compared to other states. Thus, you need to pay more for your business starting in California.

IncFile Services & Their Price List

Service Cost
Business Entity Formation $0 to $299 + State filing fees
Business Name Search Free
Business License Search $99
Registered agent $119 (1 year free with business entity formation)
Fictitious Business Name $99 + State Filing Fees
File corporation annual report $88 + State Filing Fees
Certificate of Good Standing $49 + State Filing Fees
S-Corporation Tax Collection $50 (for current LLC) and $25 (for current C-corps)
Trademark Registration $199 + Federal Filing Fees
Employer Identification Number (EIN) $70
Business dissolution $149 + State Filing Fees
Personal tax return $299
Business tax return $599

IncFile is economical because they charge only the fraction of the ongoing rate of any specific service. To illustrate, you will have to pay $75 for creating an LLC in California under the silver plan while with a best business lawyer, you will have to pay $500 to $1000 for the most basic LLC formation service.

Indeed, taking help from an online service provider instead of an attorney is riskier. If you are looking for an answer to a very complicated business problem, then only an attorney can give you the best legal advice while IncFile mentions that they are not a legal firm. Therefore, the experience a lawyer possesses may prove to be more critical in some situations.

Incfile Review – Pros & Cons


  • IncFile offers the best values for your business entity formation.
  • With business entity formation service, IncFile provides the free registered agent service for 1 year.
  • IncFile offers discounts on tax filing services in case you are filing both personal and business tax using IncFile.
  • IncFile can take care of your business-related changes such as business name change or the change in the registered agent.
  • Using IncFile, you will never miss your important deadlines as you will get the automatic lifetime notifications for all the compliance deadlines that are approaching.
  • All the company filings are stored by IncFile in digital format so that these can be accessed easily.
  • IncFile provides a great customer service support service where you can get your queries resolved by reaching out to them through email or phone from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM.


  • There is no legal form builder who creates all the legal documents and contracts.
  • IncFile does not provide an option to consult an attorney.
  • IncFile offers very limited intellectual property services.

Best Alternative of Incfile Review

It is always a good idea to consider the available options before selecting specific online legal services. This is important because all the service providers offer different services and it is important to see what service you are looking for. To illustrate, the service of a registered agent is free with some providers while others charge fees for that. Thus, it is important to consider all the available options before taking a decision and making payment.

LegalZoom –

LegalZoom is another big name and a great competitor of IncFile. They have helped more than two million people in starting their business. It is a good alternative to IncFile as with LegalZoom, you can access all the services provided by IncFile with some additional services which include:

  • It consists of a Legal form library that helps you create custom legal documents such as independent contractor agreement and non-disclosure agreement.
  • LegalZoom offers more intellectual property services such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks.
  • LegalZoom offers legal advice plans. As part of this plan, you can get access to the consultations with an attorney and get your documents reviewed by them. This is a great plan if you need in-depth legal assistance.

LegalZoom has more services to offer than IncFile, thus they also charge more than IncFile for the services. As an example, LegalZoom offers business formation services at a starting price of $79 with additional state filing fees. Also, the trademark registration with LegalZoom starts at $699 with additional federal filing fees.


It is very crucial to consider the quality, pricing, and speed when you are seeking legal help for your business. With IncFile, you can get all these making it one of the best LLC formation services. They are in this field for years and thus have immense experience in starting the new businesses. They charge the flat fee for all their services and all the services can be accessed easily by clicking a few buttons. The only drawback is that IncFile is limited in its service offerings. As an example, they do not offer legal advice plans or legal forms. But if you are looking for the new business formation or compliance then you can use IncFile without giving a second thought.