Writers Work Review- “Is Writers Work Legit?”

April 16, 2020

Writers’ work is always known to feature controversial work. This will be all about the company’s mode of advertising and the incursion of this organization into the global market. In the year of 2019, a notice was put forward against Writers Work alleging the officials about the employees struggle to get refunds. Here we will provide you with a writers work review

Before joining Writers Work, you need to choose a payment plan, that is, one-time payment or monthly. You need to be certain whether the money spent on this will be worthwhile or not. However, all the disputes pertaining to refunds are resolved, which assures people that appropriate actions have been taken to correct the wrong things.

Also, there are other allied issues showcased by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). One such is the “early bird” pricing, which was vague for a considerable period of time. Whiles the other one is the style of advertising.

What is Writers Work?

This is an online service where writers can work and a one-stop solution for budding writers. It provides numerous training guides, job listings, a wide range of tools to help writers manage and use their work. However, don’t get misled since this is not an organization that employs various writers.

Well, this is something better than creative adverts. There are a plethora of features to be taken care of which might shed more light on the Writers work review.

  • There are various features used to control your work that covers the functionality of time logged as well as statistical analysis.
  • It list publications looking for pitches for various articles and how to submit the work.
  • It is equipped with a personal project management system to formulate and assemble various writing jobs, documents, as well as modules.
  • Proper listing of various writing jobs from the available online modules.
  • It has a web-based text editor that uses the readability analysis to enhance the quality of work.
  • A Writerswork University section is available where training materials are stacked in a library for new writers.
  • There should be an online portfolio region that you can share with clients.

This is quite an intriguing list and you will be delighted to unlock each and every feature as you proceed. Some of the writers might think it will come at a hefty price.

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Writers Work Review – Different Controversies

There are many controversies related to Writers Work. The way the officials advertise this brand doesn’t seem to be ethical and this has been a huge concern for many. However, there are numerous followers available on social media and there are positive feedbacks as well.

But people can deceive you with Writers Works reviews. There might be questions like is Writers Work legit or what is the real truth behind it? Most of the reviews come from the people of other websites.

  1. There is a beautiful video available when you visit the website and that will answer most of the questions and intrigue you to buy the program.
  2. There is a word checker that allows you to work effectively and also a grammar checker is available to correct all your mistakes.
  3. Concerning the terms of service and policies, there is no hidden agenda or any creepy content. Obviously, like the other TOS, this also doesn’t guarantee you any amount of money.

But as per the BBB, the page of Writers Work doesn’t appear to be useful. They launched four complaints against them. However, Writers Work didn’t reply to them with a fruitful answer. BBB rated them F, which is not a good sign.

Moreover, when an organization doesn’t give answers to the disciplinary actions then it explains that the company lacks a caring attitude for its customers. There is a one-month money-back guarantee but this is not the actual case. One user said that he paid $30 but some of the jobs mentioned are already expired.

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Writers Work Review – Pricing & Cost

The pricing of the Writers Work is pretty clear and simple to understand. You can go for a lifetime subscription fee of $47. Although for the early bird the price is supposed to be $94, there is no major change after the launch. Also, the price is quite affordable and it’s quite good for a similar offering, which doesn’t have any brand name.

Writers Work comes with a three-month guarantee people face some problems with this guarantee. This issue is resolved now. Also, you will get upsells from Writers Work, extra coaching as well as training guides.

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Reviews on Job Listings

Writers’ work provides job listings from various sources and clubs under one umbrella. This is not done but the service but this saves a lot of time as well. There are writers who spend many hours looking for gigs and providing pitches. They can draw various jobs under one window bypassing other listing sites as well.

These job listings come from other job portals such as Problogger, Fever, or Indeed. Jobs are listed in various portals online, so if you don’t find anything on this platform, you won’t find this in another place. Getting everything under one roof is far more relaxing than taking the headache to search on multiple websites.


  • The filtering options are available on the left-hand side. These filters cover the source of job, expected salary, and the type of job. Also, you can use keyword research as well.
  • There is the option to save filters on the basis of your search. Moreover, you will get notified weekly or instantly when your criteria meet the desired job profile.
  • You will get instant notifications for new jobs. This is dependent on the first come first serve basis and those candidates will remain at an advantageous position.


  • This would be viable if the listing is taken from various sources.
  • There are various filters that will provide only a handful of opportunities.
  • News job openings are not updated. So anyone searching on this portal and getting some old jobs gives him/her a false impression about the fewer opportunities.


The Section Where Writer Submits Their Work

There are a plethora of online articles that hold the list of various paid publications. However, in the Writers Work App, you will find the curated searchable list. And hence, this writer will find an important gateway to earning money.

You will find in the description how much payment you get for each article and what kind of writing they need. In this platform, you will explore some mind-blowing opportunities.

  • For the entry-level publications, there is a payment of $50-$100. There are reputed brands that pay $1 per brand.
  • Also, you have the option to search with the help of several criteria.
  • As per the recent Writers Work Review, the entire team will help to keep a good stream of new opportunities.

How did the Project Management Team Operate?

Writers Work is not only based on job listings. It is basically the place where you have the option to manage all the live projects. This entirely depends on how good you are in writing or how you have been established as a writer.

Moreover, there is a proper workflow for this:

  • As per the recent Writers Works reviews, for every project, there are a handful of sub-tasks.
  • Documents are linked with that project.
  • You can monitor the time taken to work on the project.
  • The interface is quite friendly.

Writers Work Review Various Additional Attributes

If you are a freelancer and receiving tons of emails from various freelancers, you will be intrigued if you come across Writers Work. Also, you must be pondering is Writers Work legit or not? You will land up with something very good and challenging.

The Fees

You won’t get any free trial for Writers Work. A payment of $47 is only the available payment option and there is a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Text Editor

With the help of the text editor, you can easily update the writer’s work in a real-time environment. This is similar to Google Docs. It evaluates the readability of the content as well as the score that gets updated when you write. Other features like character, word checker hyperlinks, etc are there that appear to be quite viable.

Moreover, it is distinct from other text editors and is equipped with a unique bulb feature that illuminates when you highlight a particular word that directly connects with the synonyms or the definitions of the dictionary. Background music is emitted along with music that is similar to the Hogwarts library as well as outdoor serenity.


Making a proper portfolio for their work is quintessential for those freelancers who are new. The recent Writers Work review tells that it is quite basic. You have the option to place a profile photo and a cover image. Also, you can add title, descriptions, portfolio clips, as and when required. This feature acts as a time saver and teaches various starters on how to build a good profile.


This University feature comes with different materials that cover topics like pitching and copy-writing. If you plan to do writing to earn money as the major source, this is quite helpful. You can nurture yourself with small structured content where you will find everything and gives you the idea of how you are moving ahead. Although the course is not that much informational, it’s quite good if you are a newbie.

How Writer’s work help you in Training?

As per the latest Writers Works review, you can begin your earning within half an hour. The salary from the start ranges from 20$-65$. But before that, you need to begin with the training. However, how much you can earn depends upon the way you act.


If you ask someone whether it’s worth it or not, the answer will depend on you. Moreover, the training content is of top quality.

  1. You will get online course materials along with video sessions.
  2. Initially, you will receive a book containing 100 pages.
  3. It covers all the aspects of a freelancer and is tailor-made for those who are on the verge of beginning their writing career.
  4. As the Writers Work review claims, this platform serves both the purpose of a beginner as well as an experienced writer.
  5. If you are an experienced professional, you can earn a reputation quickly.
  6. For a beginner, it will definitely take some time.

Do you require a Qualification to write these Gigs?

If you like to begin your career in freelancing but you are afraid since you don’t have proper and relevant experience in the field of writing, then you don’t have the actual details. You need to give your best efforts. Establish yourself as a good writer using the prescribed methods in the training period. Moreover, you don’t have to think too much about the qualification.

Writers Work Review – A Few Loopholes

  • Mostly, if you are a newbie, then you have to toil hard to bell the job offer.
  • You need to look at the Writers Work review from a practical angle.
  • For some jobs, you will find that the required position or the post have already expired if you visit other websites to find Writers Works Reviews. However, Writers Work is a new thing in this growing world of freelancing and requires development as well.
  • There is no guarantee that you land up with a good job even after paying the requisite amount of money.
  • For just 47 dollars, you will get all the training along with a dashboard where you will find all the jobs. However, it is very problematic to find these jobs.

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Writers Work Review – An Extra Edge

Apart from the training, it comes with its own formatting editor. This is meant for a full time experienced writer. Also, it gives you an in-depth analysis of various words you type. Also, this covers the readability, grading level, as well as the sentiment of the piece.

The word processor is quite optimized and so they provide tunes that most of the people are accustomed to. This is similar to the noise in a busy cafe. This is quite charming but is helpful if you write for a considerable period of time.

Writers Work Review – Some Small Tools left to Add

Till now, you have gone through the complete analysis of the work. Apart from this, it comes with several characters and word types and tells you the perfect time you spent on writing. Also, you will find some amazing features on the application such as reminders and task management.

However, these things don’t appear to be handy in the first place. So, it will be good if you venture into those in the latter part. If one excels in this field of writing, then these tools will be of immense help.

Different Memberships Of Writers Work

Generally, there are two memberships here that are enlisted:

Lifetime Membership

This membership is available at a price of $47 which you can access throughout your life without paying anything in the future. In the checkout page, $47 is an early bird and it will change to $94. This is basically a marketing ploy so that you can hurry up and enroll.

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership is available at a cost of $15/month and you can access it anytime. However, it is weird to find the monthly and lifetime membership at a price of $47 with similar features. Writers’ work gives some refunds on both the memberships in a span of one month.

However, if you buy some specific add-ons such as the tool kit bundle, the coaching adds on, the premium video courses, there is no refund policy.

Pros of Writers work

  • It comes with good training videos
  • This has improved portfolio features
  • There are a plethora of places to pitch the writing work
  • It presents a curated listing of jobs as well.
  • This is compatible with the Writers Work app

Cons of Writers work

  • There is no filtering option available for older opportunities.
  • Job opportunities are not quite good.

Start Your Writing Career From a Good Platform!

There are various ways to earn money but the most profitable and realistic way to earn money is to write for your own website or maybe for your own business.

This will be the founding block for your own startup career. As per the recent Writers Work review, you can begin venturing into the new world of freelancing.