Zenbusiness Review – Unbiased Review

March 2, 2020

Many people like to start their own business and Limited Liability Company (LLC) plays an important role in startups. There are many LLC formation service providers that are affordable. The ZenBusiness review will outline its features, pricing with its pros and cons, and much more.

These affordable LLC formation service providers make your work done fast and make your life worry-free. These service providers charge some small fee to help with startups, paperwork, getting Employer Identification Numbers, filing of tax, etc.

ZenBusiness is one of the best LLC service providers and it has proven itself to be so.

What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a business service platform that offers free discounted services and professional training about starting, running your business, and also grow it to a new height.

They are a trusted partner and use transparency and technology to help your business to grow successfully and also create a fast and affordable experience. Nonetheless, ZenBusiness is one of the best business lawyers that can assist you with the best legal advice for your startups.

ZenBusiness Review: Services

They offer different kinds of legal help which can be retrieved from the official website of the ZenBusiness. Below are some services offered by ZenBusiness.

  • Expedited Filing

They offer expedited filing options that ensure you get your filing done on time and with no mistakes.

  • Low-cost Articles of Incorporation

All the services offered by ZenBusiness include preparing and filing the required paperwork for your business. It also includes inspection from their formation experts to ensure that the business name chosen by you is available.

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

You need an EIN before opening a business bank account or hiring employees. This EIN number helps you keep your savings and business money separate.

  • Customized Packages

Additionally, they offer different plans for various types of businesses to fulfill all the requirements regarding your business. These plans include the Starter Plan to cover the basic needs, Pro Plan has more features for the growth of the business, and the Premium Plan has all the features to grow your business very quickly.

  • Worry-Free Guarantee

Anyone who has a good running business needs a personal assistant for so many filing deadlines. Hence, they offer a Worry-Free Guarantee Service, which can be availed at only $110 per annum.

It works as your personal assistant and tracks all the deadlines and also covers up to 2 changes each year. You are asked to just pay your state fee. If the deadline is missed, they manage all the costs and keep the dignity maintained by your business in the State.

  • Registered Agent

State agencies should have an official address and contact for your business; hence you are required to designate a Registered Agent.

However, If you are your own Registered Agent, then your address becomes public and you need to pay the filing fee to update that address.

That is why, they offer Registered Agent Service for you to keep digital copies of the necessary documents, alert you to scams, and filter your mails.

  • Domain Name

A domain name represents a company online and you can use this as an email address, for a website or for both. Hence, they offer a domain name for you and make sure that it gives support to your new business.

  • Business Website

They provide a business website that is automatically generated through the details given by you in your business formation documents. In other words, the online presence of your business can be initiated without paying extra money. They sync the website with our domain name services.

  • Business Email Address

They also provide an email for your business in addition to your domain name with free storage of 5 GB. This Business Email Address also blocks junk, unnecessary emails, and remain synced over devices.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, ZenBusiness provides many attractive services. To exemplify, ZenBusiness uses technology available in your business dashboard.

This helps you easily adjust and manage your business account and provides quick support from their highly-skilled specialists. Their well-experienced team gives its best to keep your business ahead in the market.

ZenBusiness Review: Pricing

ZenBusiness is the most affordable service provider with multiple LLC plans such as Starter which starts at just $49 excluding Government fee, Pro Plan comes with some extra features just at $179 per annum, and Premium Plan which includes everything in Starter and Pro plans at just $299 per year.

The other competitors of ZenBusiness offer plans with these services at very expensive rates. However, ZenBusiness is quite better than its competitors providing the same services.

The amount you are paying will vary from state to state where you are running your business. As an example, Californians have to pay high state filing fees than the people of other states.

ZenBusiness comes with three package options, i.e. Starter, pro, and premium.

Starter Plan:

The starter plan will cost you $39 with an extra state fee. There are plenty of features available with the Starter plan which includes:

  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of organization
  • Name availability search
  • CPA assessment
  • Registered agent service

Pro Plan:

The pro plan costs you $149 with an extra state fee. The pro package includes all the services of the starter plan together with the set of services below:

  • Federal Tax Number
  • Banking resolution

Premium Plan:

The premium plan costs you $249 with an extra state fee. With the premium package, it offers all the services from the Pro package and the  set of services below:

  • Domain name registration
  • Domain name privacy
  • Business email address
  • Prioritized services
  • Business website

You can select the plan of your choice according to the amount you want to spend and the services you are seeking. However, you will not regret using the ZenBusiness for using its services.

ZenBusiness Review: Pros & Cons


  • They have a well-experienced and skilled staff that boasts of good knowledge and responses immediately.
  • ZenBusiness offers its formation services at very reasonable rates.
  • ZenBusiness offers various compliance services such as Employer Identification Number (EIN), Business Website, Annual Report Filing, Registered Agent Service, and more.
  • The business services of ZenBusiness can be availed in every state in the United States.
  • ZenBusiness provides a free operating agreement on every single package.


  • The cancelations of the business formation vary from package to package.
  • The database of ZenBusiness does not provide in-depth information.
  • ZenBusiness is not much experienced as its competitors in the market providing the same services.

Best Alternative of ZenBusiness Review

Before choosing a particular online legal service, it is always recommended to have a look at the available options. It is necessary because all the service providers provide different kinds of services and you need to see which provider can fulfill your requirements.

To demonstrate, some providers offer the service of the registered agent for free, whereas others charge a fee for this. Therefore, you are encouraged to check all the options before choosing the services.


LegalZoom is also a well-known name and one of a competitor of ZenBusiness. They have supported over 2 million people in growing their businesses. It is a great alternative to ZenBusiness.

With LegalZoom, all the services offered by ZenBusiness can be availed with some additional services that include:

  • It incorporates a Legal form library that assists you to make custom legal documents like non-disclosure agreement and independent contractor agreement.
  • LegalZoom also provides legal advice plans. As a part of this plan, you can have access to the consultations with an attorney and get your documents reviewed by them. This is a great plan if you need thoroughly legal help.
  • LegalZoom provides more intellectual property services like patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

LegalZoom offers more services as compared to ZenBusiness. Therefore, it is more expensive than ZenBusiness. To exemplify, LegalZoom provides its services with a starting rate of $79 excluding state filing fee.

In addition to that, the starting price of the trademark registration with LegalZoom is $699 excluding the federal filing fee.

ZenBusiness Review – Conclusion

All in all, ZenBusiness provides one of the best LLC formation services owing to the variety of services at affordable prices.

Though there are many business formation services, the use of automation and the latest technologies make them unique and its services easy to use and less costly.

ZenBusiness is worth a try and you will not regret it.