Coursera Cost: Coursera Review & Coursera Plus Subscription Pricing

April 7, 2020

Coursera is one of the top online course providers from the best universities worldwide and recognized in almost all industries. It is one of the most important providers in the market, and to know more about how helpful it is, read the Coursera Review & know about Coursera Cost.

This online learning platform gives a certificate from the partner institute after completion of courses under top instructors. Also, it has an unparalleled range of course titles and very beneficial course content with a certificate of completion.

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Coursera Cost – Can You Register In Coursera For Free?

Most Coursera courses come in an affordable low price range.

  • Register free and sign in with your account to view and explore all the prices and specializations available.
  • Almost all individual courses do not have specific specializations and are not part of a series. They are available for a one-time fee. You can also check the latest Coursera cost per course online by visiting the official website.

How Much You Need To Pay For Choosing a Preferred Course?

  • Most individual sessions have a cost in the range of $25 to $100. Like, one of the most popular courses, the Machine Learning course (Stanford University), costs $61 now.
  • The Classical Sociology Theory course (University of Amsterdam) may be available for a price as low as half this amount, around $30 now.
  • The prices of the courses do not indicate the quality of course efficiency. It mostly depends on deals and strategies between Coursera and its partner universities.

These are some of the best benefits that this course has

  • Coursera Cost also allows learners to claim a payment refund within two weeks.
  • Specialization courses have a series of five to six individual online classes.
  • Coursera has a separate subscription module for these courses. These can cost you in a massive range of $20 to $60 every month.
  • Most specialization subscriptions offer you a trial period of 7 days within which you can choose to cancel your subscription free of Coursera cost.

You will have to subscribe to the entire specialization if you wish to take any class in the specialization. Although you will have the option to unsubscribe once you have completed your course. If you are searching on how much does Coursera cost, then you can go through the prices mentioned above.

Coursera Review

Coursera institutional structure follows a simple and efficient model of access

With a free version, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Enroll for free and access your course accordingly if you do not wish to secure a certificate.
  • Many courses are free to access, which requires no payment for the entire course. This is called auditing a course.

With a paid enrollment you will have a few additional benefits:

  • Assessments: Online assignments with graded assessments can improve understanding and help apply your skills to test.
  • Certificate: Enrolled courses will get you a certificate at the end to prove your knowledge and skill.
  • Value-added content: Some courses provide extra content for these paid courses. This includes additional video tutorials and readable content.
  • Effective tracking: Online education may be challenging for a few students. The paid certificate track has proved to be a motivation for students to steer through and complete their courses.
  • Free-audit: Coursera also offers you to start with a free audit (usually a 7-day free trial session) and later upgrade to the paid version.
  • Upgrade: Enroll in the paid access mode to effectively take part in assignments and get a certificate.
  • Elaborated Training: Take a subscription to longer course series and more elaborate training.

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How Convenient is Coursera For You To Use?

  • Reasonable: Coursera is an easy to access platform and seems more reasonable in terms of expense.
  • Access to the latest trends and courses: It is a suitable platform providing trending courses and content updates as well. Other websites may provide similar courses but usually cost more.
  • Wide range of services: It offers a wide range of excellent courses over a variance of subjects, topics, and specializations.

What makes Coursera unique and different from others?

  • User–friendly: This website for online learning is best suited for students who wish to learn about subjects that they might find beneficial.
  • Holds a weightage: The certificate after course completion also holds a value to which one might savor upon on following days.
  • Efficient training modules: From professional learning to knowledge quest based on interest, Coursera provides everyone a course to improve themselves.
  • Real-time training: Coursera is extremely helpful as a student steer through institutional education as well as gain an upper hand in real-life skill development.
  • High-quality content: There are incredible courses with high-quality videos and commendable readable documents, which helps in better understanding and solving. Many specializations from famous institutions have the world’s best professors explaining every topic in detail.

Honestly, not all courses are worth the money they ask you to spend on it. So, it is up to you to evaluate the course properly and then invest in it accordingly. Coursera has a flexible reach of enrollment and payment method, which separates it from most of its competitors in the online learning platform industry.

It is recommended that you go through the following to understand better how Coursera works and how valuable it can turn out to be for you.

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Are Coursera Certificates Worth it?

For a better understanding, you will need to know that MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are getting widely accepted all over the globe these days. From certified bachelor’s degree online programs to participate in a video course, everything can be accompanied by an e-certificate.

Here are some of the best reasons to understand the importance of these courser certificates:

  • Freedom to service providers: Online certificate providers have the freedom to name their course however they want.
  • Varied terms: Relative and diverse terms may define a particular course differently which imparts the same knowledge and skillsets. You will expectedly receive a degree or a certificate on successful completion of a course online.
  • E-certificates: It is safe to say that all employers and recruiters nowadays are familiar with e-certificates.The certificates can be an advantage for you if the qualification applies to the position.
  • Beneficial for all employees: Online certificates can help show personal commitment as a learner, and you can come off as a proactive employee.
  • Authenticity: Most certificates from Coursera are taken pretty seriously in the recruitment industry. It shows that you have completed a MOOC video course. Furthermore, it ensures that you verified yourself online and completed a course under your bracket of information.

What will the Coursera Certificates Include?

Coursera Certificates Will Include:

  • The course name
  • A statement of completion
  • The instructor signature
  • Authentication of the partner institution
  • A learner’s identity
  • A URL to prove the authenticity of the certificate. This will be more than what you want to show appreciative effort and acquired skill sets on a subject.

Although these certificates will not have academic credit or the final grade to evaluate your excellence, it is not usually expected in most job applications.

It is reliable to count on certificates from Coursera, be it free or paid, for explaining your expertise or at least help understand your effort, for employers to evaluate you properly.

Although almost all courses are viewed equally, course content providers like Stanford University or Princeton University (basically partner institutions with high educational prowess) can create a remarkable impression on your resume.

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Things To Know When Opting For The Subscription-Based Courses

It is always preferred to test out your compatibility with the course structure and specialization. Enlisted are a few:

Professional Certifications are offered

There is an entire platform for professional certificates that are similar to the specialization course series. It will provide you with an online degree from certified universities all over the world. However, it must be mentioned that these are in a whole different level of acclamation and a higher price range (around 8-9lakh rupees).

Prices are not kept standard

Coursera has fluctuating pricing since the past and continues to change its prices variably all the time. Different regions may view different prices. For example, US prices differ from Asian areas to a great extent. Although estimates vary all the time, Coursera keeps the changes mostly consistent, which is less frequent and less dramatic as compared to other websites.

Premium courses offer complete access

Coursera offers a subscription to a full course catalog a few times in the past. They call it,‘Coursera Plus,’ as it allows you to enroll yourself into any course of your choice to explore new limits and learn limitlessly. Although the cost for this might seem high (approximately 24000 rupees), it may be a good buy if you invest good enough time into courses offered.

Detailed planning for the learners who cannot afford premium services

Coursera also has an elaborate plan to help out unfortunate learners who cannot afford to pay the course fee. Learners such as them may apply for financial aid by filling up an application describing the situation. Coursera is known to be generous with granting scholarships and tries to help out students with taking up career-related online courses.

Business organizations are provided with special discounts

Coursera has separate rates for business organizations to train their employees through their platform for professional work. It starts around 25000 rupees for each team annually. However, larger companies are able to negotiate separately according to their interests.

Coursera Premium

Can you access the courses in Coursera for free?

Coursera offers a wide range of courses to provide for any learner at every level. It may be differentiated accordingly:

  • Currently, Coursera offers over 1500 free courses. Many of them are provided by leading companies, businesses, and top universities all over the world. You can easily enroll in any of them using the ‘Full course, No certificate’ option. You get to access the course content and receive your final grade without any course certificate. If you choose this option, you can also later pay the course fee later and receive your certificate.
  • There are many free courses which have excellent course content, both readable and accompanied by videos. In most cases, the free course will be sufficient to gain an insight into the topic or subject. But for a more extensive outcome of your course, it will always be advised to get the paid version.

Can you submit assignments for free?

  • Coursera offers an option in which you can audit your courses. This means that you can access all of its content, but you won’t be able to submit assignments or get grades.
  • Audited courses might not be listed as free, but it is similar. You won’t require paying any fee for it. Also, you will have to upgrade your enrollment and pay to receive the certificate. Moreover, you may upgrade whilst auditing the course or later after completion.
  • Some courses don’t come with an option to be audited. To check, you will have to click the enrollment option and see if it is available.
  • In the case of specialization, you cannot audit an entire specialization, but it might be possible to audit individual courses in it.

What more does Coursera offer?

Apart from free and auditable courses, there is a thin stratum of fully paid courses. These are some value-added services that Coursera offers:

  • Coursera Cost has the option of a free trial for these courses as well. It allows you to try on a course before investing in it. You can access all of the course content, including assignments in this period, but you cannot see any projects whatsoever.
  • It offers a 7-day trial that will let you assess your compatibility with the course structure, and thereby you can decide if you want to pay for the entire course. This trial is highly recommended for everyone.
  • Coursera has a slightly different approach to monthly subscriptions of specializations, professional certificates, and single courses. But the primary model of enterprise is the same.
  • You can complete all courses of a specialization course when you enroll in one. You will be getting the certificate as soon as after starting. This way, you can save up on monthly subscription costs as well as get a certificate for course completion.
  • If you choose to enroll for a paid version of a course, you will have 180 days to complete your course and get your certificate.
  • The annual subscription program of Coursera, the ‘Coursera Plus’ subscription, has over 3000 courses, specializations, and professional certificates.
  • Coursera has no limitations to the number of courses you enroll or certifications you earn.
  • Coursera offers a 14-day refund guarantee, although you will want to note that MasterTrack certificates and Degrees are not included in this.

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How can you buy a course in Coursera?

Once you know how much Coursera cost, you can choose your preferred course and proceed to buy it. Here’s the process:

  1. Go to the official website and Register for free
  2. Select the preferred course.
  3. Click on the “Apply Now” option. You will get resent to the official page.
  4. Go through the instructions carefully.
  5. You will be required to enter your payment mode or card details.
  6. Submit the OTP (One-Time Password) and complete the transaction.

You might be charged with an authorization fee (which will be refunded to you if you cancel your subscription later), but you can cancel the trial anytime within those seven days.

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Do You Get a Refund?

The refund policies of Coursera for a single course is simple, If you haven’t earned any course certificate. For specialization courses, you won’t get a refund even if you ask for it within 14 days only if it was prepaid or on a monthly subscription.

It is necessary to use free trials and actively compare your course structures to your investments and efficiency to better use this website for appropriate payment.

Coursera Cost – Final Words

In short, experts would suggest Coursera to students who wish to gear up for their work-life soon or even professionals who have a keen interest in learning a skill. Although this might not be the perfect learning tool. If you are not comfortable with online education, course contents are of the best quality and should be compatible with most people.

Students with interests in knowing about a range of subjects can find this just more than helpful. Moreover, Coursera Cost has a unique and flexible payment scheme, which helps you not pay for anything more than you want to. With a comfortable and affordable price range, this is one of the best learning platforms of all. In a proper evaluation, courses are extensive and provide more than enough time to complete.

Most courses are just perfect and provide you with the best online learning experience for users. I would strongly recommend this to all, whoever is keen on learning, with a 5-star rating from my end.