LinkedIn Learning Review: An In-depth Guide on its working and worth

May 1, 2020

As a working professional, it is our job to keep updating our skillset to compete in the ever-evolving market. Success doesn’t happen by staying in the box but by staying beyond that. Also, when you are competing for a raise or a promotion, your skills and knowledge will carry you to your goal. Here we present a review of LinkedIn Learning.

Learning was considered to be for the privileged and wealthy in an economy where the majority of the working class could not afford formal education. However, with the development and evolution of media, economy, and technology, various free and paid online courses are at our disposal.

It is much more efficient and ergonomically designed for easier and quicker learning and involves advanced learning and extra courses. It gives an edge for those who are already working or studying at a more economical rate. Providentially, LinkedIn Learning is a new verve established by LinkedIn, in partnership with the online educational platform Lynda.

Moreover, this in-depth Linkedin learning review will take you through the history, the pros and cons of the platform. It will further let you get a better idea of how to enhance your career. So before you think of, “Is LinkedIn learning worth it?” you must be aware of:

  • it’s actual functioning,
  • what exactly the cost of LinkedIn Learning is
  • various course options
  • how it helps, and more.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

As you might already know, LinkedIn is a social networking site that serves as an online equivalent of one of the big traditional professional networking events. It is the platform where you connect with other professionals in your field of work. Moreover, this platform allows you to increase your chances to get jobs and potential projects.

LinkedIn Learning is the company’s new initiative for launching online professional courses to help LinkedIn members to educate themselves. LinkedIn’s open online course website offers over thirteen thousand (13,000) courses on-demand. They are taught by industry experts in various fields like software, business, and creativity.

Furthermore, you get certificates upon completion of courses and tests, which can be showcased on your LinkedIn Profile.

Linkedin Learning – Register, choose courses & more

On getting done with LinkedIn Learning’s registration process, you can start right away by choosing the skills that interest you. LinkedIn Learning also gives you recommendations on particular courses based on your field and interests. If you already know the course you want, you can pick that particular course, e.g. Photoshop.

As such, you would get hundreds of different courses on that specific topic. Moreover, there are numerous ways to discover courses that will suit your interests. You may opt for courses that are top liked. Also, depending upon your field and relevancy, there are different categories at your disposal.

For example, business, accounting, technology, coding, photography, customer support, sales, etc. Furthermore, you can find out what are the trending courses, which your competitors are taking to have that edge.

Various ways to Learning

LinkedIn Learning is considered to have an edge over other online learning websites due to it’s three learning directions. This focuses on overall professional development, unlike other education websites, which mostly focus on education in general. Enlisted are certain crucial ways you can opt to learn:

Choose your own path to learn

Perhaps, this is the most exciting method on the list and makes LinkedIn Learning shine brighter than the rest. If you are switching to a new field, rather than looking for random courses in that particular field, you can choose your path. Yes, that’s correct! LinkedIn Learning will provide a more structured learning experience.

Particular tool or software learning

Suppose there is particular software or a tool you want to master, for example, AutoCAD or Excel courses. The platform provides the specific skill or tool you need to equip yourself with relevance to get a promotion or even a new position. You can find the most recent and updated courses to get relevant material.

Particular learning subject

If you want to learn a particular skill, this is the method for you. For example, sales; once you enter that in the platform, LinkedIn Learning will show you relevant courses to sales. You will have a lot of courses to choose from, so take your time and decide what direction you want to go in.

The course will not help you in achieving a degree in the field of digital marketing. Rather, it paves a path for you to get quickly updated on specific fields where no formal education is available. On finding the direction you want to go in; you can choose accordingly.

Moreover, you must understand the following information, which every course holds i.e. length of the course, release date, description, level of difficulty, how many viewers it has, do people like the course, etc.

It further involves:

  • What you will ultimately learn upon course completion
  • What topics, files, quizzes, type of access, certificates will be included in the course.
  • Companies where most of the course viewers work
  • Skills that you will opt for learning in your particular course
  • About the instructor: background, profession
  • Related courses you might be interested

All the course videos come with transcripts. This is helpful for those whose English is not as strong and wants to pick up on new terminology. LinkedIn Learning transcripts also allow you to quickly make notes as you can highlight the words within them. Moreover, you will be taken on a journey through one of the most valuable LinkedIn Learning Paths, for example, becoming an expert in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field.

An expert in the SEO field with LinkedIn Learning

SEO is an essential digital marketing tool for every company that is promoting their business online. It is a process where you optimize your website design to get traffic from the search engine results page. The more competitive the market becomes, the more business owners become dependent on this tool.

One can quickly build brand awareness and a robust dynamic with leads and clients. Furthermore, it helps in becoming more reliable and improves search engine rankings. To become an SEO expert, these are the following courses that need to be completed:

SEO Basics

LinkedIn Learning provides a thorough learning of the fundamental aspects of SEO. It includes what modern consumers look for products and services online by searching for popular keywords and phrases on search engines.

For example, SEO instructor David Booth covers the techniques and fundamentals of SEO. It is composed of a three and a half long video course with a transcript and how business owners can do the following:

  1. Increase your website ranking
  2. Get more traffic and clicks.
  3. Analyze search engine result pages
  4. Research and develop your web pages according to keywords
  5. Examine the quality of content
  6. Get a clear picture of the target audience, style, angle.
  7. Incorporating links into content

Keyword strategy

Keywords comprise of the most crucial foundation of digital marketing, and it is an integral part of understanding SEO. With the right keywords, your website will rank higher in search engines and get more traffic.

Matt Bailey, the author of the “Keyword Strategy Course“, instructs on where to find your keywords and how to create your keyword list with various management tools. In the course, you will learn the following:

  1. Evaluation of keywords demand
  2. How to utilize long-tail keywords, plurals, and phrase patterns.
  3. How to organize keywords data and use the application of the same to your website
  4. To create successful pay-per-click advertisements with independent keywords
  5. How to interpret data and searcher intent?
  6. To measure keyword competitiveness and keyword insights to improve performance

Link Building

For decades and even now, links are building blocks when it comes to SEO and ranking. They are given great importance in how major search engines rank pages of websites. Instructor, Peter Kent will teach you what a high-quality link comprises of from an SEO point of view. Also, how to incorporate appropriate links.

You will learn:

  1. How to better refine your ranking in major search engines
  2. To build strong links
  3. Distinguish between real and phony links
  4. How to circumvent from problematic links
  5. To investigate incoming links to your site
  6. Familiarity with local directories and pages, networking links
  7. Paying links versus baying links
  8. Working with bloggers

Local and International SEO

According to stats provided by Google, 46% of searches are local, which means almost half of the users, search for given vital phrases. They try to find local businesses as local businesses can promote themselves much precisely when users are looking for them.

It will help you to familiarize yourself with different tips for estimating and honing your on-page content. You will also learn how to analyze constructive keywords and verify your company’s listing by Google.

If you have a foreign audience and want to expand your website presence to the overseas market, it is important to learn and understand optimizing an international SEO. The key to converting website visitors of different countries into clients is to develop a good strategy since they all speak different languages.

David Booth’s course on SEO shows how to determine your target market and optimize it accordingly. Also, you will learn more about the technical elements that come with this kind of SEO. Again, you learn the practices that you must utilize to inform search engines who your target audience is.

Moreso, you learn the importance of backlinks, international content strategy, keyword research based on local competition, and many other SEO tools.

Video optimization

Just because videos don’t often rank on universal search doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t optimize them. By the application of smart SEO exercises, you will get more views and higher ranking on video platform searches. SEO expert Ian Lurie shows you the fundamentals of smart video optimization to improve views and engagement.

You will learn the best way to increase visible clarity and descriptive text of your video no matter what the platform is. Within an hour, you will understand the factors for higher ranking and establish the proper video hosting service. Also, you will learn how to deal with negative comments, understand video analytics, and create your channel.

Marketing Tools

Big search engines keep changing their algorithm to rank websites. And hence, you need to keep updating your website with the latest SEO changes to stay ahead of your competition. Many tools in the market will aid your business not to lose track of the latest changes.

Brad Batesole extends his knowledge in this segment of the top trending tools. Furthermore, it will help you assess, monitor, and improve the SEO of your website. You will also be introduced to the tools that can be used to measure performance, keep tabs on your opposition, and make upgrades.

WordPress optimization

Revamping the SEO of your WordPress is vital for attracting more web traffic. WordPress is SEO friendly since the code it generates follows the best SEO principals. However, you can take extra steps to increase visibility and website rankings.

Also, you will master how to focus on basic setup and usage scenarios. You will get to know how to use the All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO plug-ins.

Moreover, with the help of the LinkedIn Learning course, you can import SEO content; add social info to posts and pages. You can configure XML sitemaps and redirect Google Search Console errors as well. Furthermore, on completing the series of courses, you will be rewarded with a badge of completion and a certificate.

How much does it cost to get LinkedIn Learning?

Linkedin Learning cost is $29.99 per month if you are paying every month. The annual subscription of LinkedIn Learning costs $299.88 per year at $24.99 per month. Now, this means you get two months for free if you choose this plan. Also, it is a small investment when it comes to Linkedin Learning cost as compared to other courses.

Moreover, this platform specifically helps those who are seeking for jobs or who need to boost their resume. LinkedIn Learning is free to try, so you are not obligated to any commitment in the first month. You can start your free month and give it a trial and see if the platform is suited for you. After the first month, you can choose to stay on board to take more LinkedIn Learning courses and start paying.

Furthermore, the subscription gives you access to all courses which are available on your phone at any given time. The LinkedIn Learning plan gives you the features, which are also available in the standard LinkedIn Premium subscription like the following:

  • InMail (ability to contact anyone on LinkedIn)
  • Capability to know who viewed your profile on LinkedIn
  • Capacity to find out who applied for the same job or position as you

How can LinkedIn Learning Help Job Seekers?

Employers want to hire and promote people who are motivated about improving and learning. It involves an initiative to learn which serves as motivation to succeed. Also, it translates to a good rep for the job seekers. Well, LinkedIn Learning is particularly useful for job seekers or someone looking to boost their resume for a promotion/raise.

The initiative comes from within, and you cannot teach anybody this feeling. And hence, it is appreciated more by job seekers. So when your employer sees that you have this trait of wanting to improve/learn, it will separate you from most other job seekers immediately.

Enhance your search for a job with LinkedIn Learning

Well, you can’t go to an interview for a marketing position and not know how AdSense works now, can you? LinkedIn Learning serves indubitably to those who are switching to a different field. Moreover, it further serves those who need to learn the essentials of know-how.

How taking an online LinkedIn Learning course helps?

Employers and Human Resources love it when the employees are proactive and always ready to change and evolve. Even if you are not changing your career path, LinkedIn Learning provides a ton of courses you can learn and familiarise yourself with. Especially with the ever-evolving market and technology.

Moreover, a hiring manager would always think long-term while hiring someone. Would he hire someone less experienced but spends half of his time improving himself. Better still someone with more experience but spends the rest of his time binge-watching sports bloopers? Well, hiring an improving and growing candidate is for the best as they will be able to help the company more and more as time passes.

How does LinkedIn Learning help with a Good Resume?

Granted that all the coursework you are doing is helping you improve your skillset. Nevertheless, you have to let the hiring managers and potential employers know about it. One of the easiest ways to do it is to include it in your resume.

Also, if you have done specific courses for a particular subject or software, you mention it under the “Skills” section of your resume. If you have completed an entire learning path, you can add that under “Education” as it counts as education.

A question that is most asked during an interview is about “your opinion on improving skills and acquiring relevant knowledge that is up to date? Responding with ‘nothing’ might not be the best answer. This would be the time to mention what you’ve been learning. Well, do not just say ‘some online courses.’ Specify the course, from where you learned and how will the course help the company and the employer in their job.

How does LinkedIn Learning help in looking for opportunities apart from a job?

LinkedIn Learning serves not only as a job search enhancer but also as a career booster for any professional who wants to forge ahead of their career smoothly and swiftly. Furthermore, LinkedIn learning will help you do your job better; being able to do more. This will also help you in taking up initiatives to boost your chances of getting a raise or a promotion in the company.

Final Verdict: LinkedIn Learning Review: Are these Courses Worth It?

The good side of LinkedIn Learning is that you get a broad array of options according to how much money you want to spend. For all those who cannot afford it; you can try it out for a month for free before committing to a subscription. This makes it perfect for students and aspiring professionals as well.

Moreover, the quality of the courses is excellent, and learning paths can be beneficial. However, the outcome of the course entirely depends on you. You will be subjected to a little digging (research) on your courses and instructors before you choose one to stick to. Other than that, there are no real drawbacks.

The skills you gain from LinkedIn learning are priceless whether it is a single skill or an entirely new field of knowledge. You can go over the material as many times as you want since you don’t buy the courses. And hence, LinkedIn Learning is worth it.

Certain tips to follow:

  1. Sign up for one month to get your free trial in LinkedIn Learning.
  2. Complete at least one course that interests you.
  3. Add it in your resume under “Education” or “Skills” to stand out from the crowd of professionals in your next job interview or promotion.