Magoosh Review 2020: Best Online Test Prep For Your Higher Studies

April 13, 2020

If you want to climb up the higher ladder and to score your marks, then online prep courses can be your one-stop solution. These courses not only prepare you for your exam day but make you well versed with the question patterns through rigorous practice sets. We will focus on the Magoosh review in this blog.

Also, you will get a good number of practice sets and study materials to boost up your preparation. This will increase your confidence level and motivate you.

However, there is always a flip side. There are varieties of websites which are not at all safe or full of below quality content. So, choosing the relevant course is quite important, and with the safe hands of Magoosh, you are on the driver seat.

Being a reputed brand for decades now, they ensure quality material for the budding candidates and make sure they bring the best out of it.

As per the latest Magoosh review, the quality of the course content is undoubtedly the best in the industry. There are, basically three USPs’ of Magoosh i.e. the quality of the service, inquisitiveness of the customers, and an affordable price.

Magoosh is the pathfinder in providing quality education to online students for a wide range of students preparing for the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and many more.

Moreover, this platform encourages students rather than spoon-feed knowledge. Tutors will be conducting online sessions and so you can understand every bit of it. You can access all the study materials as per your own choice. And hence, through Magoosh, you can give your online prep a new direction.

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Magoosh Review – A Brief Overview

There might be questions lingering on your head about the quality of education imparted by Magoosh. But it is important to know what this educational organization is all about and what kind of courses it offered.

Magoosh is famous for providing online coaching to a wide range of students who want to opt for higher studies abroad. Basically, it prepares you for the entrance examinations such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, and many more.

The entire team comprises almost 33 employees along with 60 teaching faculties. Teachers work from various locations across the globe. You can access all the course materials at your own pace and the course material cover practice sets, online videos, along with a tracker to check your progress or the performance.

Also, as per the latest review, there are almost 6 million videos accessed by students across 185 countries globally. Moreover, this entire preparation module comes with 300 million practice questions with a detailed solution.

There are a plethora of courses available for students of various levels. You will always have to learn something and the entire course material is made up of video lessons, practice questions, along with quality study materials.

Moreover, you will get a free trial of one week. They have made a preparation module consisting of study plans as per the student’s convenience and motivation. Using this, the learner can get all the information through the entire day of testing.

Starting from Magoosh GRE to GMAT, you will get everything covered. Apart from this, you will get Magoosh promo codes as well.

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Magoosh Review: Journey Of Magoosh

The word Magoosh comes from a Persian word that implies someone is wise as well as generous. This organization first came into existence in 2009 with founders Hansoo Lee, Bhavin Parikh, and Pejman Pour-Moezzi. The incorporated head office is situated in Berkeley, California.

They have the vision of imparting education to all the students and have been a game-changer in the field of competitive examinations. With this, they are looking forward to engaging more students and providing cost-effective preparation tools for the large student base.

Therefore, they are going to cover all sorts of products and services starting from GRE reviews to Magoosh MCAT Prep review. The founders first began the test preparations with crowdsourced questions and answers.

After 2009, they shifted their focus to a much more dedicated expert education platform, much more than the crowdsourced one. Using the Magoosh, you can enhance your grade leveraging expert teaching guidance.

This will entice the learner who is looking for better results. So, the majority of the budding students want to enhance their chances of better performance through this platform.

Magoosh Products

This is the time to go deep down into the Magoosh ACT Prep review or any other courses which you can aspire for. Also, there is a gamut of services and materials which will benefit your test prep.

#1. Magoosh GRE Prep Review

This is one of the best services in which you can find your online preparation for the GRE. The GRE verbal review comes with all the extensive course materials that will support all the students and prepare them for the exam day. Also, this Magoosh GRE course has almost 1200 practice questions along with 250+ video lectures.

Moreover, this test is the leader when it comes to online GRE preparation.


  • The entire platform for this GRE preparation is online.
  • It comes with a customized study plan.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your work.
  • The test plans are available at an affordable rate along with flexible timing.
  • There is a smart review system as well.


  • There are only 3 free practice tests for GRE aspirants.
  • You won’t get any live mentoring sessions for GRE.
  • Magoosh GRE Prep doesn’t give a proper explanation of the evaluation of the essay.

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#2. Magoosh GMAT Prep Review

Business schools are different and come with varied explanations along with good GMAT scores as well. GMAT is an important examination to get admission to premier B schools across the world. This Magoosh GMAT comes with more than 1200 practice questions in order to hone up your skill.

These materials are available in detail and come with 300 video lessons to stand out among other competitors. Also, the course material is available in various price ranges. Premium plan includes six hours of tutoring, video lessons, a full study plan, along with practice sets.


  • The online prep course content is the least expensive among all the other tutorials.
  • The Magoosh GMAT is credible and has a user-friendly interface and makes you thorough with customized learning as well as flexibility.
  • The classroom is personalized.
  • There is a separate video session involving doubt clearing.


  • If you are not a motivated individual, then this Magoosh GMAT prep may not be the best chore for you.
  • This test prep has fewer practice questions.

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#3. Magoosh ACT Prep Review

Magoosh is well known for its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and self-paced study plan. The Magoosh ACT course is purely online in nature and comes with a one-month, three-month, as well as twelve months’ plan. And hence, with the online platform, you can study anytime with the help of internet access.

You can study on your own with more than 1300 practice questions along with 250n video lessons. Moreover, there is a progress tracking tool that is meant to identify the weak sections and guide accordingly.


  • It comes with a free course for 4 weeks.
  • The pricing is quite affordable as compared to other course materials.
  • Course content is self-paced and doesn’t hamper your daily work and social life.
  • Magoosh ACT comes with hyper-specific lessons, videos as well as online quizzes.


  • Practice sets and questions banks are limited.
  • It does not provide an essay grading service.
  • There is no option for online mentoring.

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#4. Magoosh SAT Prep Review

You will be awestruck to find a large chunk of course materials that you will find in this self-paced course. This covers almost 1200 practice questions along with full-length mock tests. Apart from this, you will have access to 200 videos.

You can see those videos anytime as per your convenience and can clear all the topics. Moreover, the question sets are accompanied by text as well as video explanations to make you prepare for the actual exam.


  • It comes with a mobile-friendly application.
  • The entire course is available at a cheaper rate.
  • You will get personalized study plans if you join hands with Magoosh SAT prep.
  • The video explanations are at par with the level of the exam along with an awesome SAT/ ACT YouTube channel.
  • There is a 7-day free trial.


  • You won’t get any live interaction sessions with the mentor.
  • This course is not much thorough, so there might be a requirement for extra materials

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#5. Magoosh TOEFL Prep Review

Now, TOEFL is an English proficiency test and you need to prove that you are well versed with English in front of all the top colleges. Since this exam is quite challenging, you need extensive preparation which Magoosh provides. The Magoosh TOEFL prep comes with almost 500 practice sets. Apart from this, you will find 150 videos as well.

Also, you will get more than 600 practice questions along with 150+ video tutorials. These videos will give you a thorough insight into the significant aspects of the exam and gives you useful tips as well as strategies on how to answer difficult questions.


  • It comes with a study app.
  • You will get an ample number of practice questions.
  • The TOEFL course provides tracking as well as analysis of all the possible questions.
  • The course material is thorough as well as properly organized.


  • It comes with fewer practice tests.
  • The premium subscription is a bit costly.

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#6. Magoosh IELTS Prep Review

If you like to apply to colleges abroad, then the English proficiency test is a must for you. This is a license for you to study in any English speaking country. Magoosh has come up with two different programsAcademic and General Training Prep. Both programs are worthwhile since it will make you prepare for the reading, writing, as well as speaking tests.

The quality of education imparted here is at the top-notch level to make the student confident enough for the exam day. Also, you will get more than 600 practice questions for IELTS. Apart, this Magoosh IELTS prep comes with more than 120 Video Tutorials.


  • The entire course material is available at an affordable rate.
  • Learning options are well customized.
  • The online course content is mobile responsive and everything is accessible via the mobile app.
  • A learning experience is quite diverse.


  • There is no option for live mentorship.
  • One practice exam is allotted.

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#7. Magoosh MCAT Prep Review

You have to toil really hard to ace the medical entrance test in one go. For this, you have to appear for the MCAT examination. The good thing is that Magoosh MCAT preparation is quite good and there are a plethora of materials that will benefit you. It comes with more than 300 video lectures.

Also, you will learn all the concepts from basic to advanced levels, and with almost 650+ practice questions in your material. You have a good chance to stand out among the others. You will require 12-16 weeks to prepare for the exam.


  • The entire course content is accessible from the mobile app.
  • The price of this Magoosh MCAT course is quite cheap.
  • With the help of Magoosh, there is a guaranteed improvement of more than 10 points in the exam.
  • It comes with a 7 days free trial.


  • The full-length mock tests are not that great.
  • Video tutorials are not that comprehensive.

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#8. Magoosh LSAT Prep Review

Similar to the GMAT course, this LSAT prep course is quite impressive. It comes with a personalized customizable platform and comes with access to all the study materials. The course material is available in two forms3 Month Premium and a 12 Month Premium Service as well.

These programs come with various practice questions, video lessons, as well as email assistance. Also, the 3 months premium version is available at $129 and a 12-month subscription is available at $149. Moreover, the online learning platform is easy and readily accessible.


  • The Magoosh LSAT prep guide is quite reasonable.
  • There is an option of a free trial.
  • Getting a high percentage is not a problem if you are with Magoosh.
  • There are almost 100 video lectures available along with detailed explanations.


  • You won’t find any practice-set.
  • There is no option for live mentorship.
  • Study material is quite limited for LSAT preparation.
  • Practice questions are also limited.

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Cost of Magoosh Courses

Since Magoosh provides quality content, the pricing is also an important factor that should be taken into consideration. This is quite plausible if you are thinking about the budget. Thanks to the brilliant study material along with good prices.

Moreover, they are quite cheaper than the other organizations out there. The pricing is different and is based on the type of courses you enroll for.

  • ACT test prep course is available at a price range between $79 and $99.
  • Magoosh GMAT prep course has a price range for two different patterns. For the self-study program, the price is between $219 and $249. Now, for the guided study the course is $799.
  • The GRE course fee for Magoosh varies from $129 to $149.
  • Magoosh IELTS prep course varies from $59 to $99.
  • For LSAT preparation, the cost of the course material varies from $99 to $179.
  • Magoosh MCAT prep course comes with an affordable price range varying between $179 and $199.
  • The price of the SAT course in Magoosh varies within the range of $99 to $179.
  • For the TOEFL course, the cost varies between $39 and $89.

Magoosh Promo Code

There are various promo codes available at seasonal intervals. As per the latest Magoosh reviews, there is a promo code available for GRE and GMAT preparation.

Courses and Discount Promo codes 
20% off Select Test Prep MAGOOSH20SALE
30% off on any course 30OffMagooshIELTS6Month
43% off on Magoosh GMAT Premium, which is 1-year Subscription tGMAT
30% Off Magoosh Toefl 6 Months 30OffMagooshTOEFL6Month
$10 Off Magoosh Gre And Toefl Promo ECFH5
$10 Savings on Toefl Prep Plan, which is for 1 Week TOEFL
25% On Gre Premium 30 Days Promo HURRY
43% Off GMAT Premium Annual geniu
7 Day Free Trial for GMAT. No code is necessary. Only login
Free ACT Practice Test. No code needed.

Magoosh Review: Course Quality

For evaluating the course content of Magoosh, it is essential to understand the quality of education it provides. The study materials are designed in such a manner that the student can understand the quality of the material and can learn a great deal.

The majority of the practice sets are made at par with the actual exam pattern. They introduce smart technologies to enhance fast hand experience.

There is a comparative analysis that will help you to compare your score with the other students. As per the latest Magoosh GMAT prep review, you can surely look for this and have a taste of it. The most important thing is that they will provide you an entire study plan.

This will add more value to the curse content. Most of the study centers provide complicated course materials making the student puzzled. However, the Magoosh prep guide will get you covered in all aspects.

You will find the same kind of quality if you go for the Magoosh TOEFL course. Apart from this, there is a separate tracking tool to check your progress. This will help you to know about your own position among other students. As a result, your confidence gets boosted.

They also implement a smart review system in order to track your progress. From there, you can understand your weak areas so that you can study more to improve them.

Moreover, you will understand how to study various topics and mentors can understand this at the time of Magoosh SAT reviews. However, some students don’t like it since it lacks live tutoring.

FAQ’S – Magoosh Review

The practice sets are not much beneficial, but the merit they provide is of high quality. So, it is always advisable to go for the AAMC’s official practice materials which are similar to the actual tests.

LSAT Review Course materials are as follows

  • Alpha Score LSAT Prep
  • The Princeton Review
  • Kaplan LSAT Course
  • Magoosh LSAT Study Guide

If you are preparing for MCAT on a daily basis, then you can invest 15-30 hours per week for your study. Now, if you like to study full time or you are too busy and you are managed to get 10-15 hours per week, then it will take a longer duration of time.

There are 5 best courses for GMAT preparation

  1. Princeton Review GMAT
  2. Manhattan Prep GMAT
  3. Kaplan GMAT
  4. Magoosh GMAT
  5. The Economist GMAT

The premium program comes at a pocket-friendly price of $129. However, it may rise up to $149 as per the duration.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Well, the online course content for the Magoosh is always worthwhile. But there is a suggestion, which will help you to prepare in a much better way. The first course which you can go for is the Magoosh GMAT prep review since it covers all the major details of the course along with full-length mock tests.

The second one is the Magoosh ACT Prep review. Also, this course will make you well versed in the real-time exam pattern and prepare you with full-fledged course materials and practice questions. Furthermore, this course is available at a budget-friendly rate as well.