Pluralsight Review: Is Pluralsight worth it? – Benefits, Features, Cost, and more

April 25, 2020

This article is directed towards an in-depth Pluralsight review and if Pluralsight is worth it. With the evolution of industries and businesses, coders and IT professionals are in high demand. To set foot firmly in this competitive environment, one needs to handle projects efficiently and deliver them on time.

For this, you need to acquire technical skills, evaluate the abilities of your team, coordinate with business objectives, and overcome the skill deficiencies in areas like design, security, mobile, and data.

However, due to time and budget constraints, it is not always possible to enroll for a course at a university. Recently, learning has become very easy outside universities and schools due to the emergence of e-learning platforms. One such platform is Pluralsight. It has been growing tremendously since its launch in 2004.

Moreover, in 2011, the company grew exponentially and in 2018 it made its place in the NASDAQ list.  Before diving deep into how good Pluralsight is, you should know the foundation of this platform, benefits, various features,  cost, etc.

Pluralsight Review-An In-depth Detail

Pluralsight is a Utah, USA-based company that connects students to online courses. Founded by Aaron Skonnard, Fritz Onion, and Keith Brown, it is an extensive library that offers different online courses all across the globe. Pluralsight Review has grown to be one of the leading online course providers for software developers, coders, and IT administrators.

Similarly, it has successfully made the list of top 100 Learning Management System (LMS) products. On the other hand, Pluralsight enhances the skills of individuals and helps them to shape their careers. In fact, all the featured videos for different courses are reviewed by the full-time editing team at Pluralsight.

Moreover, their sole purpose is to provide high-quality and top-class content. It allows instructors to add their study material and lets the government boost productivity via learning led by experts.

Pluralsight Review – Various Courses Offered

This e-learning platform delivers excellent content quality as it has associations with Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and Stack Overflow. Currently, it serves more than 6,500 courses and has more than 1,500 experienced instructors. Furthermore, it has millions of learners including students and employees.

Pluralsight covers a wide range of industrial courses, including:

  • IT administration: IT Networking, Database Administration, Virtualization, etc.
  • Creative professional: Graphic Design, VFX, 3D Animation, Game Dev, etc.
  • Data professional: Big data, SQL, Business Intelligence, etc.
  • Manufacturing and design: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, OnShape, Fusion360, etc.
  • Business professional: Career Planning, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Project Management, etc.
  • Information and Cyber Security: Security Auditing, Malware Analysis, Penetration Testing, Security Fundamentals, etc.
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction: Rhino, Navisworks, Revit, and more.

Additionally, all the courses vary in different levels. You can learn as a beginner, at the intermediate level, or as an expert. If you are not sure about the level you should choose, Pluralsight can help you to decide what is best for you. It is entirely different from the traditional classroom that hardly focused on the unique learning ability of each student. Moreover, the company aims to train students at their own speed and needs.

Pluralsight Review-Certain Important Features

Pluralsight knows well how to excel in the market with its uniqueness. It offers unique and exciting features to keep existing students engaged and interested in its services. In the meantime, the features also attract a new audience. All of its features are aimed at preparing its students and making them professional in their respective fields.

Here is a detailed study of the features offered:

Role IQ and Skill IQ

Now that you know Pluralsight offers thousands of courses, you might be in a dilemma about which one should be taken. Practically you cannot take all the courses. To help you out with this problem, Pluralsight provides you this feature-Role IQ and Skill IQ.

This feature provides assessments to help you understand and improve your skills to make you an expert in your field of interest. It rates your proficiency level between 0-300 and informs you about it. Pluralsight suggests using this interesting feature, honestly, it is not a test.

It is provided to explore your area and gain knowledge on a particular topic. This interactive feature helps students in deciding what they lack and what they need to learn next.


This is another unique feature of this online learning platform. Iris is Pluralsight’s skill assessment and recommendation engine. It is a part of the technology that keeps an eye on your progress, assesses it, and based on results creates a development path for you on Pluralsight. You may call it as your online AI mentor. This feature uses complex algorithms to formulate questions in Role and Skill IQ tests.


Paths on Pluralsight are designated as a collection of courses that focus on students who not only want a single course but also want to master the entire subject. A path has a series of courses for different levels like a novice, proficient, and expert.

As soon as you choose a ‘path’, you will get the chance to learn everything from the basic level to the advanced topics of particular paths. These paths on Pluralsight prepare you for specific certifications. Moreover, this feature is available for both subscriptions packs individuals as well as professionals.

Pluralsight Review-How Much Does Pluralsight Cost?

The price of an online learning platform is a very important aspect. The price should be fair enough to grab everyone’s attention. Without any doubt, Pluralsight will charge a fee for offering such fantastic features. Moreover, the cost of all the courses offered by Pluralsight is categorized into two parts:

Personal Subscription Plans

Pluralsight offers a 10-day free trial. You can take this free trial to check if the services offered by it are helpful enough. You just need to fill your details like your name, email address on the site and you are all set to start. Once you complete the trial, you may proceed to buy the subscription if you want to continue using Pluralsight.

Interested individuals fall into the category of ‘Personal Subscription’. Subscription offers individual access to all Pluralsight video courses, path channels, Skill IQ, Role IQ, and certificates of course completion. Moreover, individuals may choose a subscription plan from the following plans:

  • Monthly Plan– This plan costs you $29 per month. It provides access to the entire course library and you will get the certificate of course completion. Individuals can evaluate their IQ with this plan.
  • Annual Plan– If your budget allows paying all at once, Pluralsight offers you a 15% discount on its annual membership. With a cost of $299 per year, this plan gives access to offline viewing, course discussions, downloadable exercise files, and TV & mobile apps.
  • Premium Plan– This pack provides every personal feature, interactive courses with coding challenges, real-world projects, and certification practice exams like PMP, CompTIA, and others only at $499 per year.

Business Subscription Plans

This plan is basically made for companies who want to train their employees and keep on updating their skills. Business membership provides access to all video courses, projects, certification of practice exams, and powerful analytics & user organization tools. This plan has two sub-categories:

  • The professional plan costs $499 per year for each user. You get access to basic analytics for tracking course progress. This is a non-customizable model with no option to adapt to the company’s demands.
  • Enterprise plan costs $699 per year for each user. This plan is a bit flexible and customizable. It has advanced analytics, offers easy access to track employees’ performance in training. It provides a unique API for tracking the progress of courses and helps in exporting data to make reports.

Like the Individual subscription plan, the Business plan also offers a free trial period. Professional subscribers can use its 14-day free trial available only for ten users.

Note: Pluralsight does not have any refund policy. So, you will have to retain the membership till the expiry date of the subscription if you have paid the subscription fee. The fee will be forfeited even if you cancel your subscription.

Pluralsight Review-Some Benefits

You might be looking for the benefits of Pluralsight in this review. Also, you might be wondering if this platform is the right choice for you. Moreover, you will get all your answers below:

Content Quality

Pluralsight offers world-class quality videos and study material. Also, the images are fair and clean as well as the audio is perfectly narrated without any distortion.

Information Quality

Pluralsight ensures to deliver a high level of quality information. You will be amazed to know that its courses are reviewed for technical accuracy before they are released. Additionally, classes feature course content from some of the biggest personalities in the technology industry.

Learning Experience

This platform is the best place for novice developers to start from scratch and explore their potential. Moreover, within a short period, it helps beginners to become a technology expert.

Pluralsight Instructors

Unlike other online learning platforms, Pluralsight has a strict vetting process for all of their teachers. It does not allow anyone to upload a course. It hires teachers with good educational background and experience.

The vetting process is done to arrange industry-leading experts on the platform. This gives students real-world experience and makes them grab real-work projects and opportunities.

Practical Assignments and Exercises

To learn new technology, you need to do some practical work along with understanding theory. Pluralsight makes you learn theoretical aspects of technology by making you watch videos/ tutorials or reading study stuff.

It also gives you an option to learn those aspects practically by doing exercises. The exercise material is provided by the instructor of the course only. It may include .pdf slides, source code, and other useful stuff.

Quick Revision Tests

It is important to validate what you have grasped from the course videos and exercises. For this, Pluralsight has inbuilt learning checks for self-assessment. Also, these Learning Checks contain a short quiz of 6-12 questions based on the course material.

These tests can be taken anytime and as many times as you want to. Moreover, these checks neither have any time bar nor get you scored. It is just made for you to analyze your understanding of the course topics.

Course Completion Certificates

What would be the use of acquiring new skills when you have nothing to showcase your knowledge of courses on your resume? A certificate is sometimes essential to get you a job or a promotion. Pluralsight gives a certificate after you complete a course.

You are allowed to download the certificate and put it on your resume. Its certificates are globally recognized and well respected in the technology industry. The certificate adds credibility quotient to your knowledge and may give you a push in the competitive market.

Pluralsight Channels

It is hard to remember all the things after you have finished a course. It becomes harder if you go through all the courses from 2-3 learning paths. You might need to revise a few things as accumulating topics can become mind-boggling.

To eradicate this issue, Pluralsight has channels to organize your content. You are allowed to make your own channels, add content to them, and arrange as per your wish. It is like making your playlist.

Reliable Community Forums

There are times when you need to discuss your queries and clear your doubts while learning new technology. During these times, Pluralsight provides support from your peer group to boost your learning process and to help you when you get stuck with some questions in your subject.

This community support is offered via discussion boards. Every course and project is equipped with a discussion board. Moreover, this board lets you post your doubts, participate in discussions, and give your feedback.

Participating in such discussions actively may make you learn new tricks and strategies followed by the fellow-learners. Also, you can help others by clearing their queries.

Customer Support

In case of any queries concerned with the services offered by Pluralsight, you can contact the company via email. The company also provides support via chat support, and toll-free number, it takes no time to solve your queries.

Moreover, the customer representatives are quite responsive and usually solve your problems without any delay. In addition to this, you can get support from the online community as well. No matter whatever means of support you choose, your problems will always get solved at Pluralsight.

Pluralsight Review-Good Aspects of Using Pluralsight

  • It offers plenty of unique features at a fair cost.
  • Pluralsight does not compromise with the quality of the courses offered.
  • Provides free 10-day trial
  • It offers free certificates of course completion. These certificates are printable for adding it to your CV.
  • Mobile apps make learning convenient
  • As mentioned above, every student is allowed to learn at their own pace. You can repeat lessons in case any topic is not fully understood.

Pluralsight Review-Bad Aspects of Using Pluralsight

  • The free trial period is quite short.
  • It is quite expensive than other e-learning sites.
  • It has a limited range of courses when compared to other online learning platforms. The course content is restricted to the technology industry, business skills, and design.
  • Pluralsight is not accredited with any college or university.

Pluralsight Review Final Verdict – Is Pluralsight worth it?

Now, the question that arises is, is Pluralsight worth it? So, a big yes! It is definitely worth it. The size and quality of courses in its library are quite impressive. Also, the list of Pluralsight’s benefits outweighs all of its negatives.

Pluralsight focuses to make its students learn new skills from some of the best companies all over the globe. It provides in-depth content to enhance your IT or tech-related skills and become more competitive in your career.

Moreover, with a user-friendly interface and convenient dashboard, you can surf the videos easily. The high-quality videos have perfect audible narration as well. From beginners to professionals, this site has some special element for everyone.

And hence, stop pondering over on-campus classes, sign up today, and learn on one of the efficient e-learning sites.