Skillshare Vs Udemy – Detailed Review 2020

April 21, 2020

The democratization of education mitigates the traditional barriers and facilitates in developing more innovative and skilled workplaces. Physical classes are not the only place for getting an education in this digital era. With the increasing trend of digital learning, various online platforms are developed where you can learn everything. We will review two of the online platform skillshare vs udemy here.

In recent days, the most famous ones are Skillshare Vs Udemy due to their versatile courses, course structures, and experienced instructors. Especially, the instructors are certified professionals to impart quality education and help understand the nitty-gritty of every topic.

-They provide a wide array of skill sets starting from the workplace to the kitchen floors- everything is now available at your fingertips. But in this huge competition of Skillshare vs Udemy, you need to choose the right path. Here is every aspect you must know to choose wisely among these two:

An In-depth Distinction of Course Creators – Skillshare vs Udemy

Salient Features of Skillshare

  • Skillshare happens to be an online platform for teachers as well as students having practical knowledge.
  • These skills are acquired through various courses based on projects. Utilizing the student and teacher platform, users will get ultimate access to various content, presentation, as well as classes.
  • There are topics that cover various aspects such as design, films, music, marketing, finance, photography, and many more.

Salient Features of Udemy

  • You don’t need to have any prerequisite knowledge to take this course.
  • Immediate access to the courses happens as soon as you enroll.
  • Courses are self-paced and so students can learn the topic anytime.

Skillshare vs Udemy – Develop your Skills with the Best Platform

Both platforms help people to flourish in their careers, to enhance the life of the people, and to take up passion and work for something better. As far as Udemy is concerned, you have to pay for individual courses. However, on Skillshare you need to pay a monthly or annual subscription in order to get the complete access.

Both of these platforms are completely online but the major difference lies in the structure of the cost. Professionals use this medium as an effective platform to provide skills by creation and publication of course. Since university and college courses are becoming expensive, platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare provide good affiliated courses at a reasonable rate to mainstream education.

And hence, these two online learning platforms give the user unlimited course content having good quality. Instead of paying thousands and thousands of money on a particular subject, with the safe minds of Udemy and Skillshare, you will get prospective insight at a low cost.

Subjects and Course content on these Platforms

These two platforms offer a huge range of courses by which the students can enrich their knowledge. The instructors are also eminent and promising. However, these two platforms have some prominent differences in the course duration. The minimum duration which Udemy allows is less than thirty minutes. However, these courses consist of so much encouragement.

On the other hand, the instructors of Skillshare are allowed to divide their course into several bite-sized classes. Some Skillshare courses are only 12 minutes. After each class, the instructors of this platform provide a project assignment.

In both platforms, the courses are available for a wide range of topics covering several domains like health and fitness, automation, Marketing,  Finance, programming, IT tools, office productivity, etc.

There are also some differences in the learning nature between these two online platforms. The teachers of Skillshare motivate their students by providing a project assignment after each class. The students have to upload this project and the instructors provide feedback which facilitates the student to enrich their skills.

On the other hand, Udemy follows the passive approach of PowerPoint presentation and simple talking which the students can easily understand. The instructors are allowed to arrange some quizzes to boost the engagement of their students.

However, Udemy gives a more thorough and informative insight whereas Skillshare comes with shorter courses as far as the latest debate between Skillshare vs Udemy is concerned.

Head to Head – Skillshare vs Udemy Cost

The cost structure of the two platforms is completely different. By the way, if you want to compare Udemy Vs Skillshare cost, then you will get a monthly subscription of Skillshare at the average price of a single course on Udemy. In Skillshare, you need to enroll for a monthly subscription to use all the courses present on the platform.

The Skillshare cost will be around  $8.25/month to $15/month. But for the annual subscription, you have to pay only $96. The best feature is that you can cancel the subscription within 30 days if you are not eager to continue your course. Along with that, you can access some free content as well. But, if you want a quality course or learn from some award-winning instructors, then it’s recommended to get a premium subscription.

On the contrary, the cost structure of Udemy is completely different. Whenever you enroll for a course on Udemy, you have to pay for each and every course separately. Every course comes with a lifetime guarantee and the Udemy cost ranges from $10 to $15 depending on the course. However, there are top-reviewed courses which are of $99- $150.

Illustrations of Different Courses – Examples

In the case of feeling of brain fog by seeing numerous available courses on both Udemy and Skillshare and unable to decide, there’s a quick tip from our side. You must make certain that the course you opt for has numerous aspects to look forward to such as benefits and future opportunities.

So, take a look at the top courses of these two platforms.


It’s time to explore your innovative skills and creativity through 23000+ available online courses of Skillshare. Topics include design, creative writing, painting, illustration, photography, coding, or some modern technologies.

Top Courses you can Access:

Course Name No. of Students enrolled Ratings
Machine learning A-Z 120,000+ 4.4/5 stars
Angular 4 97400+ 4.7/5 stars
Web Developer Bootcamp 158,000+ 4.7/5 stars
JavaScript 87,500+ 4.7//5 stars


Udemy, one of the potential competitors of Skillshare offers 25000+ courses to the students and business persons in the categories of CAD, 3D animation, Coding, marketing, education, business, IT, social media, etc.

Top Courses you can Access:

Course Name Views
Management tips weekly 2.4 million
Photoshop CC 2015 3.8 million
The practicing photographer 2.3 million
Online marketing 3.7 million

Attributes of Udemy for Students

Do you know what’s the best of Udemy? The answer is that most of the instructors have real-life experiences as they are business people. Hence, the students can get a deep insight into their experiences and knowledge rather than academics. In this platform, students will get a chance to work on a live project.

Students need not give any pre-qualification test to access their courses. Moreover, the students can get access to myriads of course content available online. Students can also clear the doubts with teachers in one to one interaction. Also, if you wish to continue a course after one month, you can do so since the courses are self-paced. The updated materials are added daily for keeping the module current.

Attributes of Skillshare Platform for Students

Skillshare focuses on shared learning experience, as per the latest Skillshare review, it helps students to exchange their perspectives. This permits them to upskill themselves with the help of networking as well as support. Moreover, you have the option to comment on online courses.

Skillshare always focuses on experiential learning and enhances creativity. For that matter, students can watch various videos and can do live projects to get real-time experience.

The overall configuration of the site creates a unique blend of community between educators who make educational videos and the students searching for interactive methods. The students can upskill their knowledge and skills from the given projects. These are actually long term.

However, the feedback and rating given by the instructors and fellow students encourage the students to identify their weaknesses in their skillset.

Are you a college student? Then you can access some superior content by investing a small amount of money on their monthly subscription.

Are you a teacher? – Earning opportunity you can get

These two online platforms offer some great opportunities for instructors to earn a lot of money. However, this solely requires knowing what courses a teacher or instructor is opting for. You need to be passionate enough and provide quality courses. Educators have the upper hand which facilitates the process of achievement.

If you think all about money, then Skillshare is not for you as they believe accessible and affordable education for every student. However, this platform is best for increasing your online followers. The top instructor can earn $100,000+ a year. The payout schemes of Skillshare are:

Payout process Earning amount
Online course of 3 hours per student $10-$15
For each student subscribed from a personal referral link $10
For referring a new instructor $50 (Gift card)

On the contrary, Udemy follows the “pay per class” model. If you want to earn some extra bucks, then Udemy is the best choice for you. But, you cannot know the exact amount of money as they often offer discounts on the course and arrange free coupon campaigns. The payout scheme of Udemy is:

Payout process Earning amount
Investing in an organic course 50 percent of the entire revenue
Purchasing of course directly from the instructor link 97% of the total revenue
Affiliate sales Approximately 25% of the revenue

Institutional Accreditation and Certification to Upskill Yourself – Skillshare vs Udemy

Creating an outstanding impression in front of employers is the key to success. Attaching the certifications on various skills in your résumé facilitates in making you an appealing candidate over other applicants.

But, it’s really disappointing that both Udemy and Skillshare lack the affiliation of universities. Udemy provides certificates for all of the courses like Python, Java, AWS, etc present on this popular portal. But, these are not accredited by any institution. Moreover, it will lessen the value of your résumé over others.

On the other hand, the only advantage you can get from Skillshare is that you will get the opportunity to work on live projects within the course module. But, you won’t receive any certificate after completing the whole course.

These online courses are available here to enhance your skill set and with the help of valid credentials, you can do this. But, if you like to add this into the additional certification column of your CV, then you are day-dreaming.

Good aspects of using Udemy

Before any decision, you need to have a clear idea of the merits and demerits of both platforms.

Intensive Catalogue – Choosing a course becomes easy

On this platform, 100+ course categories and subcategories are available.  For most of the popular topics, you will find courses curated by different experts. These extensive courses can easily dominate any of the online educational platforms.

Unlimited Access – One Time Buy

After purchasing a particular course, you will get surplus content for free if the instructor makes some addition to the existing course. The main mission of Udemy is to sustain its customer base and thus a student can get 50% off or even free in purchasing a course in the discounted period.

Mobile-Friendly – Easy to Access

Udemy is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Udemy is equipped with a mobile app. For this reason, a student can learn about their courses from anywhere and at any time.

Bad aspects of using Udemy

Without Accreditation – Lessen the Value during Interview

Although Udemy provides authentic certificates after the completion of each and every course, they lack University certification. As they believe in providing practical knowledge rather than any academic credit, most of the courses do not consist of any proficiency certificate.

Varied Quality – Depends on the Eligibility of the Instructors

Quality can get altered since there are various teachers. The instructors of Udemy share their knowledge by PPT presentation, simple talking, Screenshot, and one-to-one interaction. However, sometimes, the videos can be boring for a student which can distract their attention to the rest of the course.

Good aspects of using Skillshare

Top Quality Content – Best for developing skills

The interactive learning approach of the instructors enriches the quality of their content. The video quality available on Skillshare is more of a polished one. As a result, the course quality is much better than Udemy and other online platforms.

Well Built Platform – Switch Your Classes easily

The design of this online platform is well-developed and interactive. You can easily navigate to Skillshare since it is quite straightforward. There are certain e-learning platforms that are less user-friendly. In this case, Skillshare gets some extra perks over other e-learning platforms.

Offline Access – Don’t worry about Internet Usage

It is not always possible to stay connected online. But if you are using Skillshare, you are one step ahead since it provides offline access to all the course contents. You have the option to download the material as well.

Bad aspects of using Skillshare

Short Duration of Course – Fails to provide in-depth Knowledge

There are courses available on Skillshare which have a minimum duration of 10 minutes. Apart from that, they do not follow any particular strict standard of the length of their video. There are also certain instructors who can provide short videos that don’t contain in-depth review.

Lacks Certification- Major Ops!

When it comes to comparison between Skillshare vs Udemy, it is imperative to say that Skillshare lags behind since the certifications are not accredited by any institution and it does not provide any certification.

Additional Attributes Exclusive for Udemy

  • The courses on Udemy have a dedicated customer base.
  • You will get progress as well as Quiz Assessments.
  • If you’re a student, you will get coupons and discounts on various courses during the discounted period.
  • It comes with API integration.

Additional Attributes of Skillshare

  • Courses are available at $8/ month along with unlimited access which is less than other online platforms.
  • As per the latest Skillshare review, there are no ads on the course content.
  • Scholarships are available on special courses.

Which One to Opt for – Skillshare vs Udemy?

Udemy and Skillshare both offer a huge range of opportunities to the students as well as the instructors to build their careers. But, how will you come to know which option is the best for you? Is Udemy far better than Skillshare or Skillshare is the best?

Well, when it comes to the instructors of Udemy, they have got the expertise in solving real-life projects. However, when it comes to Skillshare, it comes with a close community of teachers and students. This is established on the basis of the interactive projects and the group projects built by course curators.

As a teacher, if you want more bucks in your pocket, then it’s best to choose Udemy over Skillshare. But, in this heated deviate of Skillshare vs Udemy, Skillshare occupies a slightly better position for the students. Moreover, this is because it is economical for various students who want to acquire new skill sets.

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