Is Udemy Legit? – Some Essentials to Know Before You Step In

April 15, 2020

Online courses are quintessential to climb up the corporate ladder or in order to switch companies to increase your profile. Most of the people search Google about various online courses to get themselves certified. Also, while searching, you may see famous online certifications at Udemy and questions might stick “Is Udemy Legit?”

Moreover, you might come across various e-learning portals but what can be more affordable than the Udemy courses. Well, in this, a special mention to year-long sales at a discounted price must be given. This is because even a small investment can create a big impact.

Is Udemy legit-A Brief Overview of Udemy

Udemy is an online platform that trains millions of people in different subjects. There are almost 130,000 courses. As per the recent Udemy reviews, almost 50 million users have enrolled in different courses until February 2020. Like Coursera and eDx, Udemy does not provide courses with university affiliations.

Moreover, you can make your own course and sell that material to Udemy, and hence, you can become a teacher as well. Now you must have understood a little about what is Udemy.

Notable Features of Udemy

Udemy is a complete package and has earned a huge reputation like Forbes and Mashable. As a result, the majority of people use this platform to learn niche skills. Starting from IT, engineering, business, HR, soft skills, to medical courses-everything is covered. It is used to train people coming from various household communities specializing in various domains.

However, since anybody can prepare their course and sell that to Udemy, it is essential to know the quality of the courses. And hence, it is imperative to go through the individual course review in detail and pick up the best ones. There are some popular courses like cloud solutions and Amazon Web Services built by a scholar, Ryan Kroonenburg.

Also, the related courses prepared by competent individuals have drawn almost 4 lakh people. Moreover, this will give the answer to the question “Is Udemy Legit?”

Recognitions and Acreeditions of Udemy

You won’t find any courses in Udemy where you will get university affiliations. And hence, if you are looking forward to some high-end recognition, Udemy is not the place for you. You can try eDx or Coursera for the same.

Is Udemy legit-How is Learning at Udemy?

As mentioned earlier, the courses available on Udemy come at affordable rates, since there is a year-long sale. Udemy is the ultimate hub where you can learn at a cost-effective rate and is entirely self-paced. You don’t have to invest more than $20 on a single course.

If you are choosing any good programs, you can extract a lot of information and can avail of a brand new set of skills from inception.

However, there might be questions like is Udemy Legit? or the validity of certificates? Obviously, this certificate won’t resemble the same significance as that of a university degree or a certificate from a reputable corporation. But learning from a platform like Udemy won’t be wastage.


There are various criteria that can be used as a benchmark to begin the Udemy Reviews and to find out how professionals or students can benefit from it. So, Udemy usability or the ease of use is what people generally ponder for.

You should get a crystal clear idea about the landing page which you will see first when Udemy opens in front of you. Also, the homepage is quite simple and you will find several promotional banners along with the list of different courses. The most important thing is the user review which is available at the bottom of the page.

Also, the entire layout is quite attractive and has easy navigational links. This won’t hamper your searching. Furthermore, when you are looking for a course page interface, you have the option to select either from the category or the sub-category available in the drop-down list.


Once you choose a particular course to begin, you will see that the designated page for that course is quite simple and it exhibits the ordinary features. It has some extravaganza like a preview video, review from users, course details, as well as descriptions.

A generic page is quite intriguing and it negates the major confusion and makes you familiar. Also, the checkout method is interesting as well as simple. You just have to sign in, add the particular course in your cart, choose the desired mode of payment, and you are all set.

So, as a whole Udemy gives an awesome experience while you navigate to various options on the site. You might get confused with the rating system. The majority of the Udemy reviews indicate this problem and so it seems to demean it’s worth.

However, most of the courses have a top review but when it comes to rating, maybe it’s a coincidence, many look down upon it as fishy.

Is Udemy legit-Quality of the Content

While you are reviewing the significant aspects of Udemy, the quality of the content is one of those key essentials when searching for the online marketplace. There can be mixed reviews going on around your circle, which can mislead you. So, it’s important to know what the majority of the crowd is saying.

You might come across some courses and seeing the rating, you have the notion that these courses are not worth it. And hence, there is a point of conflict that requires a means of clearing this cloud of doubts.  It is not at all viable to check all the courses available on Udemy to know if it’s worth it or not.

It is important to remember that all the courses on Udemy are sold by instructors. Obviously, they won’t defame or say something obligatory about these courses. Moreover, most subscribers are happy about the quality of the courses. So, there must be a parameter to check the quality of various courses.

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Attributes of Various Courses and Key Functionality

The learning experience is something that you will expect if you have previously enrolled in some online courses. You will get acquainted with a plethora of models and lessons and this covers video lectures, notes, as well as assessment tests. The video player featured by Udemy comes with various features such as closed captioning.

Also, there is an additional feature to make notes once you go through the entire course. Generally, you won’t get the option to download various courses to view offline for various piracy issues. But, there is a must known alternative which is the Udemy app available for Android and iOS platforms.

It ‘DOES’ helps you to read even when you are offline. Also, you have the option to use the podcast to listen to the lectures. The Udemy course is also available on Apple TV as well as Google Chromecast. This sums up to a very good figure giving a decent number of available options. This will cover the e-learning sites that don’t constitute an app.

Various Udemy Courses

There are many courses available on Udemy frequently used by many professionals. There is a course module known as Blogging for a Living that has almost 11 hours of course content and this will cover everything starting from blogging. This is one of the top ratings on Udemy and comes with 4.5 ratings and has 5000 students.

There is a course called Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant covering almost 50+ lectures and designed by an eminent VA who is a game-changer in this field. This has caught major attractions and is available at less than $15.

There is a popular course entitled Kickstart a Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career. It is built by a lecturer from a famous University of Canada having almost 12+ years of professional experience. The entire course covers everything starting from editing to proofreading purposes. So, in a nutshell, Udemy’s cost is not that much high like other courses available on various online platforms.

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How to Find the Best Udemy Courses?

Apart from the recommendation from other people, you can go through the entire Udemy’s catalog covering almost 100,000 courses. These courses are tailor-made for your career but you need to follow some strict guidelines.

Read all the Reviews

It is a matter of concern to find whether courses available on Udemy are fake or not. So, it’s advisable to go through all the reviews on that particular course you choose for.

Find out Special Instructor

There are many renowned instructors available on Udemy. However, there are some trainers who use Udemy as their hobby. Therefore, it is essential to find out the credential of the trainer before you sign up.

Use a Sample

There are some courses that provide preview content so that you get a good grasp of what lay in store as well as the teaching style before you provide cash.

Is Udemy Legit when it comes to Selling Courses?

Is Udemy Legit? So,  can you use Udemy even if you enroll as a teacher? Udemy is worthwhile and acts as a two-way platform. The most important part is Udemy distributes 50% of the money earned among the instructors or creators. However, there are other determining factors that tell the exact percentage an instructor is going to receive.

Instructors can also avail of the coupon system of Udemy Review and earn most of the money from various training materials. You will be awestruck to hear that people earn six figures by selling courses on Udemy. You need to do some homework to find out how much you will earn since these courses are lucrative.

But in order to stay at the top, your course should be exceptional and should have quality content. You can play in a different way. For example, you can get 5000 students for a particular course at $15 and this will fetch you a sum of almost 38,000.

Furthermore, along with this, you will take a commission of 50%. This income is passive when the course comes online. You should be aware that there are many instructors using this platform to earn money and there might be rubbish courses as well.

If you can make better content than what is available and upskill what is there, then there is a fair chance to earn a livelihood by selling your courses.

Whether Udemy is Authentic or Scam? – Important Facts

Udemy came into existence in the year of 2010 created by Eren Bali, Gagon, Oktay Caglar. Over a short span of a few years, Udemy has earned a huge reputation with a plethora of courses from a wide range of platforms. There are almost 100,000 courses with more than 7000 instructors.

However, people from various countries consider this to be a scam owing to its steady growth and accessibility. This fear of getting scam is not unfounded. Udemy gives access to anyone who wants to make content. This is because making content on Udemy doesn’t require any previous working or teaching experience.

There are people with questionable competency who have created content in the past which has a downside to the reputation of Udemy. Since there are a plethora of courses provided by various instructors, every course is not the same.

Some courses are not good at all. However, there is a suitable way to isolate wheat from chaff which you can use on top-quality programs on Udemy. Therefore, you can only see the top-rated courses available on Udemy and thereby invest only in that particular course.

Pricing of the Courses

This is one of the pertinent questions going on among the majority of the users. It is quite tough to find out the exact relation between the satisfaction among the user and the revenue generated from it. As mentioned in the FAQ section, they are not only responsible to give price tags to various courses. There is a specific instructor’s job as well.

The price that you find for each course on the website is determined by content creators. The exception to this rule is the promotion where both Creator and Udemy promote their courses by entering discount coupons.

The general price tags are almost the same but it tends to get varied based on some special subjects and here the question of Udemy price comes into the picture. Moreover, the entire course structure is full of information, difficult subjects, and longer run-time that make it more costly than the other counterparts.

However, there is the availability of free courses based on your level of interest. A course available for free means that it is for promotion or maybe the course creator is a newbie. This is because the creator wants to earn a big name in order to enhance the number of students and also generate awareness.

There are straightforward options for pricing and the quality of the course. You won’t find out which one is good unless you buy the course and begin your learning process at Udemy. Each and every course comes with a short video preview. However, as per the review, it is difficult to get a full-fledged idea.

Experiential Learning Review

This is basically a difficult thing to cover up. The learning aspect of a person varies based on the course they opt for. It solely depends on various parameters such as the quality of the course they opt for, speed of the internet,  management expectation, and many more.

There is a general level of discussion on how fun and liable it is to learn on an online stage. On this platform, Udemy provides various instructional videos about the engagement of students and the learning portfolio.

The company cares about the student’s thinking and to enhance the learning experience. The majority of the crowd is satisfied with the quality of teaching from Udemy.

Also, there have been many people asking if Udemy is legit or not. Many people leave negative reviews or feedback and so it is quite impossible to live up to the expectation of each and every user. However, the company has been doing pretty good to enhance the learning experience of the students.

Major Takeaways from Udemy

There are a plethora of benefits you can get from Udemy. The most important thing is that courses are available online at a budget-friendly rate.

Affordable Price

Udemy is one of the most viable platforms to get online certifications and explore allied networks at a cost-effective rate. Also, the cost of the course varies from $20-$199.99. However, you can get the majority of the programs at a budget-friendly rate of $10.

Moreover, this option is really good for those who want to learn something out of the box at a pocket-friendly rate.

Course Mentor

The courses available on Udemy come with an online instructor. So, you can directly talk to them and seek help. Also, you can get in touch with them via email or live chat. In certain instances, mentors are available on specific days and time periods.

Also, during those intervals, you can directly post your doubts and have a live conversation.

Unlimited Access

The courses present on Udemy come with unlimited access. So, this is quite helpful for those who want to recall those lessons after some time.

Ratings of the Course

Each and every course available on Udemy comes with ratings and suitable comments. You can examine the ratings and go through the comments before you purchase a particular course. Also, this will make sure that you invest your hard-earned money on something good.

Certificate of Udemy

You will receive certificates after completion of the entire course. And hence, you can insert that certification on your resume while you switch to a new job or enhance your profile on a specific domain.

Is Udemy legit-Ratings of Various Courses

More than 38% of 40,000 Udemy courses present inside the database have a rating of 3 or more. After the completion of the course, the majority of the students rate their course. There are certain courses that are rated below 3 since they are new to Udemy and don’t have enough students to rate that course.

The percentage of quality courses lies between the range of 40% and 50%.  If you are genuine enough to upload quality tutorials on Udemy, getting positive feedback won’t be an issue on Udemy for the instructors. Moreover, you will then be placed among that 38 % of the instructors who are doing a great job and earning reputation.

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Enhance your Present Profile through Udemy Certifications

Well, the question is Udemy legit is totally dependent on the courses you choose. If you enroll in some crappy courses without looking at the review, then it will become a problematic task for you. Even if you are paying for a top-rated course, you might struggle to know the core value of it unless you invest your time.

However, if you choose a prescribed course and indulge in studying, then definitely you will get what you are looking for. It will help you to embark on a whole new world of certification courses and online training as well.

Even if you want to be an instructor, then you have to be up-to-date and know what is Udemy in reality and what actually the students are looking for.