9 Best ACT Prep Books to Get in your Favorite College

March 2, 2020

You have completed your high school and are now trying to find the perfect college for further studies. Well, we can understand the situation you are going through. Almost all the reputed colleges take admission through common exams such as the ACT or SAT. If you are planning on further studies, you will definitely need to get good scores in one of these standardized tests.

The syllabus is very lengthy but a well-structured study plan will help you get through it very easily. Now, you may have the question of how to prepare for the test so that you can get good scores. Well, it totally depends on you. If you are capable of investing time and can study yourself, we are here to provide you with some best ACT prep books that you can get and start right now.

This exam is designed in a way where it successfully evaluates how much prepared you are for higher studies. The exam evaluates a student’s knowledge of writing, reading ability, and will also include computer skills. You must not think that this is the only factor in getting admission as the college will take various factors into consideration before granting you admission.

Moreover, you may also check out GMAT or LSAT or MCAT Prep Courses or the relevant GMAT prep books or MCAT books or LSAT Prep books, etc. if you are thinking about cracking any of these.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best ACT Prep Books 




Best ACT Prep Books : Edition 2020

If you have decided to prepare for the exam through self-study, we are more than happy to help in giving you some very best ACT prep books list so that you can master all the subjects. These books come with some very significant features and are well-tested by the students who already cleared the exam and are now pursuing higher studies. 

#1. The Official ACT Prep Guide

To get the momentum in your preparation, this guide from the ACT exam makers themselves will help you in getting better scores. One thing you must note that self-study is, no doubt, a very good option, but if you are unable to give at least 2 hours a day, it’s not going to be any benefit. This guide will have the following features to help you in improving your English, maths, reading/writing, and science skills.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The guide will offer you the practice sets that you have never seen before and this test will impact significantly on your final scores.
  • There will also be an online portal that you will get to access through this guide where you will get 400 additional questions that you will also be able to filter accordingly. This feature definitely makes it the best ACT prep book among all.
  • The guide will also give you the updated directions that will help in better performance.
  • This guide will also provide the previous years’ papers that will be very useful in building the foundation that you need.

#2. ACT Prep Black Book

Once you decided to give ACT a try, it’s very important that you understand how useful the strategies can be while preparation. This book is the best choice for anyone who’s just started and trying to learn new strategies. As the syllabus is not very different from the high school curriculum, these books are needed to guide students in taking a fast and accurate approach that is needed for the ACT exam.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The practice sets that are available in this book will also provide you the needed advice to implement the strategy you just learned.
  • There is also an ‘ACT Tricks’ section provided in the Black Book which will teach students to find the flaws in the question paper.
  • The book also contains more than 600 questions which will help you in building a very good foundation and these questions will also help you in efficiently managing time.
  • This book will teach you the strategy of how to find the correct option when all the options are looking correct. This feature carries it to the list of best ACT prep books you can get.

#3. Manhattan Prep ACT

When you are doing preparations for any exam, the most important factor in the process is how much you are doing practice sets. These sets play a huge role in providing you the foundation that you need to ace the upcoming test.

This ACT guide will give you the option of attempting numerous mock tests and prepare yourself for better performance and time management. Enlisted are the best features to get to know what is the best ACT prep book:


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The book will feature more than 1000 questions based on real-life situations. Practicing these questions will enhance your performance significantly.
  • This book will also feature a detailed explanation of each and every problem. The step-by-step guide/solutions provided in this book will turn out to be a great help in self-study.
  • There will also be a range of diagnostic tests where you will also get the result analysis to support and make you understand the solution in a better way.
  • This book will also provide the full coverage of all types of question which ACT can ask.

#4. Kaplan ACT Prep Plus

Among various other preparation guides, this Kaplan guide is also one of the best ACT prep books you can get for yourself. This book is also proven to be a very good option and you will find it very helpful in improving performance. It will be even better if you take help from multiple prep guides and this strategy will help you in laying a solid foundation. Enlisted features make this guide worth buying:


Exceptional Attributes:

  • Kaplan also offers a full refund if you have not scored any better than your previous attempt. For this, you will need to go through the T&Cs to avail of the offer in case your performance isn’t improved.
  • The book will also offer live mock tests through an online portal to which you can register.
  • There will be 5 practice sets in the book that we recommend you to attempt within the specified time period.
  • There will also be one official ACT practice test that is very important and there are very high chances that you will get multiple questions from this.
  • A question bank is provided according to the chapters and it will help you significantly while revision.

#5. Princeton Review Cracking the ACT

It’s very important that you focus on practicing as much as possible. We have seen students who opted for self-study and by investing a lot of time, they were able to ace the exam. There are multiple features in this book, for example, there are multiple strategies provided in the book and these will improve your performance in the exam. Also, this can also be one of the best ACT math prep books that you can get to focus on mathematics.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • There are 8 practice sets that are included in this book and these sets are full length where you will get to solve the paper just as the exam.
  • The techniques provided to you in this book are also very helpful in time management.
  • There is also an online portal provided to you as a complimentary package where you will get more practice sets. Here, you will also get an instant scorecard to help you in better evaluation.
  • The book also focuses equally on all 5 sections of the exam. You can also consider this guide as a full package.

#6. The Guide to the ACT Math: Skip the Prep

All of these guides are very helpful in improving your performance in the ACT exam. There are many students who think that the coaching classes are much more helpful in comparison with self-study. However, it’s totally based on your personal preference and if you are willing to invest your time, self-study is the best option for you.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • There is also a separate section where the book only focuses on improving the strategies that you will find helpful in enhancing your overall performance.
  • You will also get practice sets where you get 400+ questions. There will also be a step-by-step guide of every solution that will help you in getting a better understanding.
  • There will also be an online portal where you will get 90+ video lectures where all the topics will be covered.
  • This 620-page guide will help you to improve the performance and it makes this book one of the best ACT prep books.

#7. The Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT

Maths is a very important factor in the ACT exam and you will need to focus on this section very closely. There are various problems in this section that turn out to be very complicated. And hence, this guide will be the best option to cover all the topics. Richard F. is a very experienced tutor and his explanations will help you understand the problems completely.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The book covers all the topics under the Maths section. So you will need to get it along with full practice sets if you find maths your weaker point.
  • The book took the feedback from the students and actually improved those points to give better experience.
  • There are a total of 550 homework problems that will help you prepare best for your ACT attempt.
  • The book also provides an advisory section. Now, this is where you will get the tips to increase your speed of solving the problems.

#8. For the Love of Science

Among the various subjects, there are also many students who need to focus on one subject more than the others. This may be the reason because of the subjects they chose earlier and hence, lost command in other ones. If you are a student and looking for the best ACT prep book 2020, especially for science, this will become your best bet.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The science problems need to be learned through some innovative ways. And hence, you are able to understand them in a better way, this guide just nails that aspect.
  • The topics such as data analysis, finding a conclusion, data collection, etc. are some of the very complicated ones. And hence, you will be able to find the best solutions along with explanations in this book.
  • You should pair this guide with a full practice set guide which will help you in better preparation.

Some online courses to score in the ACT

Yes, self-study is a very good option. However, this one is not for you if you are not willing to invest a good time. To help you with that, there are various courses available online or in-person ones where you can enroll. Also, these courses will be of great help if you are also pairing them up with the best ACT prep books we recommended above.

ACT classes (Princeton Review)

This is the institution that will help you in acing common examinations like ACT, SAT, etc. The institution will provide you assistance through its expert teachers who carry years of experience in the teaching field. Moreover, the students will get fully customized practice sets along with a good and simpler explanation to help you understand better. Here are some more well-known features:

  • The tutors are available 24/7; all you need to do is just log in to your account.
  • You will get 20 mock tests along with 4 practice exams and 8 section-wise tests.
  • As per the student’s capabilities, the teachers will provide the study plan.

Magoosh ACT Prep Class

This is the platform that will provide you the techniques to learn smoothly and maintain a good pace while attempting questions. The study planner provided to you by the institution will help you in studying according to the schedule till the exam day. Here are some best-known features:

  • The institute will provide both online, as well as on-paper practice sets.
  • In the case, if you found yourself stuck on any question, you can go through the explanation attached to it.
  • The package will include full-length tests along with a whopping 1350+ questions and over 250 lectures.

FAQ’S – Best SAT Prep Book

Which course is better?

If you ask us, the Princeton Review is a better choice as it’s offering a range of services. Moreover, it comes with a fixed duration of 2 months.

Is self-study a fruitful way to attempt ACT?

Yes, there are numerous students who got admission just by self-study. You will also get the feature to start studying whenever you get free time.

Will there be any demo classes?

Yes, both courses will provide you with free demo classes. You will not need to pay any fees before you are fully satisfied that this course is good enough for you.

Get The Best Scores in Your ACT Attempt

This article must have helped you with a range of questions and if you are inclined towards self-study, you can also get some very good books that are tried and tested. However, if you are still confused, we will recommend you two best ACT prep books so that you can clear your thoughts even more. The first book is the Princeton Review Cracking the ACT, the reason we chose this one is that it offers a fully comprehensive analysis and coverage of all the aspects of the ACT exam.

The second book is for those who have a weaker grip on maths. It’s the ultimate guide to the Math ACT; the students will find this maths guide to be of utmost help. Also, they will be able to significantly improve their performance.