#5 Best ASVAB Study Guides 2020: Quick Review & Comparison

March 16, 2020

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

Well, it is really very difficult to get through with the authentic ASVAB study guide to boost up your preparation. ASVAB is a difficult exam to crack and it has a huge importance on a future career in Army, Navy, or Marine services.

Thus, it is recommended to follow a strict guide and not look for allied resources. Since there are a plethora of preparation options that might get baffled. That is why we have designed this content with the top-rated ASVAB study materials.

So, go through this user guide to know the in and outs of the best ASVAB study guide.

Moreover, for various other Prep courses (if you are interested), for example, GREMCAT, ACTGMATLSAT, we have got more information on the various relevant books. These prep books involve NCLEX, and many other similar ones as per the course.

5 Most-Recommended Study Guides for ASVAB Exam Preparation

If you are willing to pursue a career in the military or air force, the ASVAB is one such exam that you can think of. On the basis of your score, you will get the desired role in the armed services.

But to ace the exam in one shot, you need to follow a strict guideline and regular study. Since we are committed to providing the best study guide for ASVAB, you can go through this resource guide once.

1. Kaplan ASVAB Premier 2017-2018 Review

Kaplan ASVAB Premier 2017-2018

Kaplan holds the top list when the best ASVAB study guide comes into the picture. The most unique thing it provides is that it covers an ample number of practice sets.

Therefore, you will never run short of questions with more than 18,000+ study sets and 6 full-length practice questions. This repetition will help you to strategize your exam very well.

Moreover, the answer to each and every question is written with elaborate descriptions. As we all know, learning from your past mistakes is the best way to fast track your preparation. Hence, this book is the ultimate source for you.

Moreover, you will find an in-depth subject review of each and every topic. As a result, it will suffice your exam preparation and you won’t have to depend on any other external resources.


Exceptional Attributes

  • The mobile-responsive app is available for online study and regular preparation sheets.
  • You will get flashcards, video resources, along with an expanded Quizbook.
  • Moreover, you will get 6 full length and more than 90+ standardized tests.
  • More than 1850+ realistic practice sets are available along with detailed explanations.
  • One of the setbacks includes errors in editing and typos.

2. Barron’s ASVAB, 11th Edition Review

Barron’s ASVAB, 11th Edition

Barron’s ASVAB comes in the second in the list of best ASVAB study guide for the Air Force. The most important aspect is that both theory, as well as the review explanations, is thorough and comprehensive.

This in-depth study is required to strengthen your concepts and nurture yourself well for the exam. If you can learn from your past mistakes then it is great, and this book gives you the platform.

After every concept, you will get proper practice sets to brush up and then you can go and solve higher-level questions. This helps you to identify the weak areas and prepare accordingly. You will have the option to practice along with a proper review with a time saver.

You can retrace back to the chapter and revise where you got it wrong. However, do ensure to read each section thoroughly so that you don’t miss out. As a result, you can check out your weak areas.


Exceptional Attributes

  • A diagnostic guide which will help you to find out the areas where improvement is needed.
  • Being amongst the best ASVAB study guide, it comes with full-length practice sets with detailed solutions.
  • You will get a good insight into several areas such as mathematics, paragraph comprehension, general science, concepts of basic mechanics, and many more.
  • Tips are available so that you can do really well on “assembling objects” areas.
  • A comprehensive guide to analyze the test scores and work on practice problems and how they can relate it to the potential military fields.
  • The major drawback is that you won’t find diagrammatic illustrations.
  • You will get 300+ practice sets on the Evolve companion website.
  • The Clinical Judgement Scenario will help you to master the Next Generation NCLEX questions.

3. ASVAB Study Guide 2016-2017 by Accepted, Inc Review

ASVAB Study Guide 2016-2017 by Accepted, Inc

This is one of the best ASVAB study guides if you have a high tenacity to clear this examination one time. One of the most important aspects of this book is that it comes with an easily understandable review of all the themes of the prescribed tests.

Additionally, the analysis is generally student-friendly and so you won’t get frustrated studying the content. Easily understandable material keeps you engaged in study for long hours.

Similarly, the entire review is done as per the actual exam level difficulty. Through the concept-driven course curriculum, you will score better through shorter and effective prep time.

Moreover, the insider tips section makes it stand out among the crowd. The insider tips will help you to tackle the difficult questions on the D day.

Then again, the course material is concise and crisp with no extra add-ons apart from the exam syllabus. As a result, you won’t waste any time learning things that are not there in the syllabus.

Exceptional Attributes:

  • It comes with almost 750 solved examples covering each and every topic.
  • You will get one full-length practice set along with topic wise tests.
  • It comes with adequate information, along with insider tips to boost up your preparation and score high marks in the tests.
  • The course content is easily understandable and the concepts are well outlined.
  • However, the subject review is not that extensive.

4. ASVAB for Dummies 2016/2017 Review

ASVAB for Dummies 2016/2017

ASVAB for Dummies earned worldwide acclaim for being one of the best ASVAB study guides. For the budding aspirants, this book comes with tons of practice tests.

You will have access to 7 full-length online tests and you will find many repeated questions on the D day. It prepares you to such an extent that you will feel confident on the exam day.

For that, practice questions help a lot. Through this, you can learn easily and can strengthen your weak areas. One of the major strengths includes Dummies which gives a concise concept overview written in lucid language easily understandable.

Moreover, this is the best ASVAB study guide online for working professionals. Although the book has only 456 pages and lacks comprehensive coverage, the topics are easily understandable that helps you to maximize your score.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • It comes with 7 online practice sets.
  • In this guide, you will get an in-depth overview of nine subjects.
  • Proven study tips and expert guidance is available to pinpoint your weak areas.
  • Through the study guide, you can improve your analytical skills.
  • You can easily be able to enhance your vocabulary.
  • If you solve regular mock tests, you will get less anxious.

5. Peterson’s “Master the ASVAB BASICS”, 5th Edition Review

Peterson’s “Master the ASVAB BASICS”, 5th Edition

The 5th edition of this book is considered to be the best ASVAB study guide in terms of diagnostic tests. The unique feature of this book is the diagnostic test. Through the diagnostic tests, you can easily be able to find out the weak areas.

So, if you understand the weak areas, you can work on that and improve accordingly. This saves a huge time since you don’t have to practice the known topics which you know very well beforehand.

The review of the book is also extensive and student-friendly. The topics are covered in such depth that you get prepared for the ultimate day. However, there are many such topics which are extra and are less likely to come on the exam.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The book comes with 4 full lengths of practice tests.
  • There will be a diagnostic test to find out the weak and strong points.
  • This guide covers all the detailed subjects of ASVAB with designated sections for each subset.
  • Moreover, it covers an in-depth overview of various AFQT sections. AFQT ( Armed Forces Qualification Test) covers two verbal along with mathematical sections.
  • This book gives a thorough idea about ASVAB along with military occupations containing the latest information about exam pattern, reviewing and practice tests, information about military training, grades, profile details of military officers, and other add-ons.

Some Online Courses to Rely Upon

To clear the ASVAB exam, you need to get serious and study from day one. ASVAB is a tough exam and requires extensive preparation. This exam is conducted across 14,000 schools along with Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS).

So, you need to attend some online coaching classes to score good marks in this exam.

Mr. Andy’s ASVAB Class

The course covers book, live classes along with unlimited video lectures. These lectures are available round the clock. This course is designed strategically to enhance your score on the exam day.

Also, this in-depth online course comes with Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, Knowledge of Words, and Mathematics as well. Interactive live sessions are available and one to one interaction.

Peterson’s Online Course

This online course comes with the best ASVAB study guide along with customized strategy sessions, mini quiz sessions, and content reviews. You will get 2 full-length practice tests that are on par with ASVAB actual exam.

Also, there are instructional lessons to strengthen your mathematical skills, which enhance your chance of scoring well in GT and AFQT sections.

You have the option to learn anywhere since it is mobile responsive. Therefore, you can practice on your own choice at any suitable time using your handset, tablet, or desktops. You can begin here to master your skill and make yourself ready for the D day.

Mometrix Test Preparation

The ASVAB arithmetic reasoning section consists of 16 questions that need to be completed in 39 minutes which tests your mathematical knowledge and problem-solving techniques. Moreover, for this, Mometrix Test Preparation can be the ultimate source.

Accordingly, if you want to master yourself with Paragraph comprehension, then this is the best source for online preparation. The same goes for the General Knowledge and Mechanical Comprehension section.

Some Crucial FAQs

The results are based on more than 7500+ reviews. But below are some of the best sources for ASVAB preparation.

  1. 2019/2020 ASVAB For Dummies by Angie Papple Johnston Paperback 1 edition NEW
  2. 2020-2021 ASVAB Prep Plus
  3. ASVAB Prep 2020-2021 by Kaplan
  4. ASVAB Math Exercise Book
  5.  Practice Test Questions Book for the Armed Forces: ASVAB Study Guide 2020-2021

There are 10 apps available which you can use to kickstart your online preparation for ASVAB examination. Apps are also available for iPhone and iPad App Discovery.

  1. ASVAB Navy Mastery.
  2. ASVAB Military Entrance Test.
  3. PROmote – Army Study Guide
  4. ASVAB Test Prep 2019.
  5. ASVAB For Dummies and Mastery. Higher Learning Technologies LLC
  6. ASVAB Practice For Dummies

Well, as per the latest review, Kaplan is one of the major sources for ASVAB exam preparation. But there are other sources as well which we have already mentioned in this content. Also, many of the students got a decent score after following Kaplan resources, and hence it is widely accepted.

To ace the exam, you need to be thorough and you should follow certain tips and tricks.

  • Go through the study guides properly.
  • Take regular practice tests and revise them on a daily basis.
  • Create a study table and prepare accordingly.
  • Get acquainted with the ASVAB format by giving mock tests.
  • Follow tips and shortcuts from the mentors.

ASVAB is a test in which they will judge you on the basis of several parameters such as word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, mathematical knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and electronic tests.

However, the test appears to be difficult if you don’t have that much knowledge of the course content.

Prepare Well and Maximize Your Score!!!

Finally, we hope this article will help you to know the best NCLEX review book to clear the exam. If you are towards inclination for self-study, then this article is for you.

However, if you still get confused, we can suggest two books which will be helpful for your preparation.

The books which we will recommend are NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram, 5th Edition Review, and Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier 2017, 1st Edition Review.

The former book gives a comprehensive course review along with question sets while the latter is more for a question-answer practice. If you face any question, regarding this you can provide that in the comment question.