Best LSAT Prep Course & Books In 2020 – Clear It With Flying Colors

February 18, 2020

Best LSAT Prep Course In 2020:

If you wish to pass the Law School Admission Test on the very first attempt in order to get admission into the top B school, then selecting the best LSAT prep course is mandatory.

There are lots of companies to provide LSAT study guides; however, it is imperative to choose the best one from the available lot.

Well here is expert advice for you to concentrate on your studies and make the maximum learning out of it rather than looking at the available options.

You should have a thorough insight into the major features that affect you and drive you to study harder.

So, you need to look for a course that bears resemblance to the actual exam preparation and prepares you well for the D day.

You need to find something that matches your learning habits, scheduling, budget, etc. After all, you will get enough time to prepare for the admission test. So a proper study guide will make it up for you.

Moreover, if you or a friend of your is looking forward to GMAT Prep Courses or GRE Prep courses, make sure to check out and suggest these best GMAT prep books as well as best MCAT prep books.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best LSAT  Prep Course 

So, if you are looking for the Best LSAT prep Course, then you have arrived at the right corner. What we will suggest is exactly what you are looking for-compact, crisp, exam-oriented and at par with the actual question papers. Here’s an overall review of the top 3 winners for LSAT preparation.

There is one to one mentoring and interaction with the best faculties having an impeccable academic record and years of experience in imparting LSAT lessons. Tutors will evaluate on the basis of your performance.

You will get a comprehensive study guide with a major emphasis on Analytical Reasoning or Logic Game portion of LSAT. Moreover, you will get a perfect knowledge of the reading comprehension covering all key strategies.

If you join Princeton, then you will get all the practice questions required to maximize your score. Since it is a test of logic and reasoning, you will understand how to tackle important questions & all passage types.

5 Best LSAT Prep Course For 2020

In this section, we will give you the best LSAT prep course review. Go through this section with rapt attention.

#1. LSATMax Prep Course

It is a free app that you can download from the app store. It gives you access to most of the contents covering video lectures, practice questions, along with some LSAT logical games.

The online content is built with video lectures, daily drills, practice sets, and logic games. It is one of those organizations that give you the flavor of brand new digital LSAT. You can use it via the app’s tablet LSAT practice model. Moreover, try to build your concept through the online tutorial.


  • It comes with a mobile app with access to free content.
  • Course material will come under your budget.
  • The analytic feedback section is there so that you can understand the easy and difficult areas.


  • The offline course is not available.

Course Duration & Price:

You will buy the entire course content with a price that varies from $799.99 for the Pro course to $1,299.99 for the Intensive edition. Pro Monthly subscription is available at a nominal price of $199/month.

#2. Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course

The course curriculum provided by Alpha Score is elementary as well as engaging. All the course material is available in the form of videos, animations, and explanations to make you understand.

Being the best LSAT prep course, it provides excellent live lectures along with two-way interaction. SLAT instructors are there to help you out in the weaker areas and will provide homework and expert tips.


  • Personal help from the instructor is available.
  • Study materials are available at an affordable price as per the package you choose.
  • You can pause or slow down the video anytime in order to understand the particular lecture.


  • The course is pretty comprehensive and there is no short term course.

Course Duration & Price:

There is no specific time limit for the course and the rate is not that high. It is on par with LSAT Max.

#3. Princeton Review LSAT

Try Princeton

It is one of the best LSAT prep courses available in the market presently. Course materials used here have a top-class standard and as per the level of difficulty for the actual exam paper. Mentors will provide one to one live sessions if they require extra help to understand a difficult concept. A small group course is available apart from the daily live lessons which make it popular among the LSAT aspirants.

Get expert assistance from the mentors who will help you to adopt the tricks and strategies to maximize your marks. With the study guides, daily work schedule, practice questions, online content of Princeton, you can surely ace the exam.


  • It provides personalized instruction.
  • Quality, as well as the quantity of the study material, is good.
  • It helps you to maximize your score. Else, you can ask for a refund or repeat the program free of cost.


  • The course is not mobile responsive.

Course Duration & Price:

The price range varies from $799 to $1299. If you are going for the self-paced course, then the duration is more than 150 hours. For the fundamental course, the duration is 30 hours.

take me to the princeton now!

#4. Kaplan LSAT

Try Kaplan

This is one of the best LSAT prep courses which the future generation can rely on. Teachers are there to guide you for the free providing answers to your queries. As a result, you will get a hang of the preparation. Moreover, because of the student-friendly online portal, they can track the progress and identify the weak areas accordingly.

They will focus on those questions so that they can maximize their score. Begin your preparation with the diagnostic test from Kaplan which will give you an idea about your present understanding. Focus on the key areas using the online resources and video lectures available.


  • The course is prepared with the latest test-taking strategies.
  • Live instruction is available to make you understand.
  • Quality mentors are there having years of experience.


  • There is no availability of free demo classes.

Course Duration & Price:

The course duration is 28 hours with the provision of live options and the cost of the material is $799 along with mock tests.

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#5. Magoosh

Try Magoosh

This is also one of the best LSAT prep courses as far as the latest question paper is concerned. It comes with a gamut of unique features for the test takers. You will not find any cheaper course than this one in this competitive market. A great test-taking strategy is required to perform well on the D day. With Magoosh, this journey will be seamless. However, you won’t get any kind of fancy features similar to the other pricey courses.

Apart from this, go deep down into each and every topic and try to understand the concept and the problem-solving shortcuts. Try to improve your weak areas by giving regular sectional tests and then attempt the full-length ones. Follow the targeted schedule and the weekly planner as mentioned in the portal. It will help you to keep track of the preparation.


  • The course is designed as per the test-taking strategy.
  • You can study anytime by using your laptop or mobile.
  • Video lessons are also available.
  • The price range is ¼th of the competitor.


  • Offline material is not available.

Course Duration & Price:

Being the best LSAT prep course Reddit, it provides the online material with live lectures with no specific time-bound earning and the price is quite affordable.

Take me to the magoosh now!

Useful Information Regarding LSAT Study Guide

Well choosing the best LSAT prep course from the prescribed list can be difficult, if you don’t have pertinent information regarding the same. You must know the exam pattern of the LSAT exam till now. So, the most important thing is that you need to get accustomed to the test-taking approach. You need to brush up your skill at the first point before you go deep down.

After going through the basics, you need to master your strategies which will pave the way for a greater good. For this, the most fundamental thing is to chalk out a study plan. Just go through the under-mentioned points quickly

  • Understand the reading comprehension part on the basis of the complexity.
  • Organizing information and making reasonable inferences from those.
  • Analyze using critical thinking.

Expert Tips To Fast Track Your Preperation

Candidates who will appear for the forthcoming LSAT examination should take into account certain considerations. The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the test-taking strategies and then prepare accordingly. For this, we will discuss some general guidelines. So, read this section with rapt attention.

  • Get yourself accustomed to the latest LSAT exam pattern. It helps you to understand the type of question asked in the examination. Moreover, you will understand how to answer each and every section with accuracy.
  • Practice regularly all the topics to keep in touch. Also, it boosts up your confidence while solving each section. You will get to know many common questions that might repeat.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and then prepare accordingly. This will improve if you solve sample papers on a daily basis. Candidates get a hang of the strong as well as the weak sections.
  • Give mock tests on a regular basis. Those who are writing LSAT should be fast at solving. Therefore, through mocks, you can enhance your speed as well.
  • LSAT exam has no negative marking. So, it is advisable to solve as many questions as possible. If you are not sure about a particular answer, then we advise you to go for random guessing.

FAQ’S – Best LSAT Prep Course

What is the best LSAT prep course as far as the budget is concerned?

Well, there are many LSAT courses available in the market. But the most notable ones among them are

  1. Magoosh LSAT Prep Review
  2. Velocity LSAT Prep Review
  3. Khan Academy LSAT Prep Review
  4. LSAT Max Prep Review
  5. Princeton LSAT Prep Review

How many times you can appear for LSAT?

You can appear for this test three times in a calendar year. Moreover, you can easily appear for the test five times if we add the current and past five years. During the lifetime, you can take LSAT seven times.

Whether LSAT max is free or not?

It is not totally free; the course is pretty cheap if we compare it with the other prep courses. You will find a plethora of packages as per your budget. Also, you don’t have to pay anything for the content and the course can be customized as per your choice.

Is Alpha Score LSAT prep worthwhile?

Alpha Score LSAT Prep is available at a cheap rate and can be the most effective one. You can easily get to know about all the details if you read all the guidelines mentioned here in this content along with pros and cons.

Is there any protocol for the law schools if you appear for LSAT twice?

Till last year, it was a mandate that you can’t appear for LSAT thrice for the two-year span. So what does it signifies if you are taking LSAT or reattempting it again? Taking LSAT on the first go involves no pressure and if you take LSAT twice or thrice is not a problem.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Well, now choosing the best LSAT prep course will be a cakewalk for you if you are one of the readers. But if you are yet to read, we suggest you go through this once to make things clear. We have come up with this content after thorough research work. Whether it’s a classroom program or the mocks test, this content is catered to all your needs.

There are several courses available around you and it’s obvious that you will be confused to choose the best one. So, little suggestion for you; you can go for the Princeton Review LSAT as it comes with some good quality material that will be perfect for the preparation of a hard exam like LSAT. Now, it depends on you totally.

Hope you will choose the best one! But before you kick start your preparation, it is essential to brush up your skills. Surely, you will be able to maximize your score on D day.

6 Best LSAT Prep Books to Get the Top-Level

If you are trying to build a career in the field of law, it’s very important to get admission in the best law school you can find. Appearing in the LSAT is the first step towards a successful career and you must try to score your best in order to get one of the best colleges. The LSAT exam is not a very easy one and you must find the best LSAT prep books to prepare for your attempt.

The importance of this exam can be witnessed by the fact that almost all the law schools value the LSAT scores while taking new admissions. Also, this test is said to be the best evaluator when it comes to predicting the performance of a student in law school. The design of this test is done in such a way that it evaluates every aspect that is needed in a law school.

However, there are some top colleges that also give the same importance to the so-called soft factors such as who a student is and what he/she has done in life. You must know that these factors are only affordable by the top schools as they get way many applicants and they have the luxury of selecting the suitable one.

As we can see in the near future, there are no competitive exams that can claim the same evaluation of the students for law school. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best LSAT prep books that will definitely help you in getting better scores.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best LSAT Prep Book 




Best LSAT Prep Books : Edition 2020

There are various reasons for you selecting to prepare for the LSAT exam through self-study. These books that we are recommending are considered as best performers for the past many years. Yes, self-study is a good way to go but you must know that this will require an enormous amount of time.

Let’s just dive into the 6 best LSAT prep books:

#1. The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for the Self-Driven Student

The primary focus of this book is on the students who are studying on their own. There are various students who gained a lot of knowledge and performed very well in their LSAT exams. In this book, there are also various tools that will help you in performing the best in your exam. There will also be numerous test papers, online mock tests, and the solution to the problems by teachers.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you have started studying now or are doing it for some time now, this LSAT Trainer will be of great help to you.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • This prep book will provide you with more than 200 questions with solutions.
  • It includes learning strategies for all types of questions including reasoning, comprehension, and logical situation games.
  • It is one of the best LSAT prep books that have more than 30 designs to help you improve the skills you need to develop the LSAT performance.
  • This 598-page Trainer will also provide you with access to a range of study schedules, organizers, etc.

#2. 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests: (PrepTests 52–61)

When it comes to the time of actual preparation for a test, be it LSAT or any other, you will need to go through various papers and mock tests. First, you will need to build a foundation so that you can carry forward your detailed preparation from there. The pattern keeps changing and in these exams, you will get a dual-passage layout where you will get 3 long and 1 set of short passage questions.

Also, this may not be the best LSAT prep books 2019, however, you can definitely make use of it to build a solid foundation.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The practice sets included in this paperback turn out to be of great help in enhancing your LSAT scores.
  • You will also get the scoring charts to help you in a better evaluation of your performance.
  • The method used in these papers is also very helpful if you have opted for self-study instead of enrolling in any course.
  • As you will move ahead attempting these tests, you will also find yourself getting better in terms of time management.

#3. The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible

There are various sections in the exam and it may also happen that the students find some sections tough and they need to focus on those topics only. In this case, PowerScore is providing you with the logic games section and you can master this section, all thanks to this one of the best LSAT prep books.

There will also be some live classes involved and for many years, these techniques are being fruitful for thousands of students.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • The rules are being properly and well represented where you will get to master the skill of recognizing the game types.
  • There is a different technique used in each type of question and this book will teach you every method.
  • The book will also provide you with an online portal that will help in getting answers to all the questions. You will also find some additional study material on that website.
  • This book will also provide classification to each and every type of question that can get included in your LSAT exam.

#4. The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

This book is focused on the reasoning aspect of the game. You will find it very helpful in accordance with the practice sets. The book will teach the methods and techniques to recognize the type of question and not get confused. Also, the prime factor in solving the reasoning questions is getting full control over the time management, this book primarily focuses on mastering you in that.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • All the questions present in this book come with a detailed solution where you will be able to clear your confusion about any problem.
  • The book focuses on providing you with the solution methods than will assure accuracy.
  • You can get this book in addition to combined mock tests that will help you in getting overall better performance.
  • You will find a very comprehensive insight into the exam preparation, thanks to the detailed solution and methods.
  • The book will also give you the ability to learn if the reasoning that is being given is valid or not. The strategies that are provided in this Bible will help you significantly in your LSAT exam.

#5. Manhattan Prep LSAT Reading Comprehension

Moving towards the comprehension section, it’s very important in the LSAT section. You will be able to prepare the best through this Manhattan Prep book. There will be various practice sets including online mock tests that will help you in improving the overall performance. Also, the book will guide you to learn how and when you will need to take notes. It will eventually help you in consuming the text rapidly and with good clarity.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • You will get full practice sets that will help you in better time management and solving questions with better efficiency.
  • The solutions in this book will provide in-depth solutions to the questions that will help in a better understanding of the problems.
  • The sets are completely based on the patter that LSAT follows and it will make this book one of the best LSAT test prep books.
  • You will also get a portal where you will get more practice sets and you will need to complete these tests in the given time frame to improve time management.

#6. Logic: A Complete Introduction

This book is also completely focused on increasing your ability to solve logical questions with ease. There will be various practice sets available that will help you in getting through the LSAT problems. With this book, you will be able to master the logic section of the test.

Moreover, if you are willing to invest time studying, you will be able to ace the subject. Here are some more features of this book.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • As Logic is a complicated subject for various students, this 208-page Introduction will help them get a better understanding of the subject.
  • The book is filled with practical implications where you will find the subject much interesting to learn.
  • The solutions are shown in a very elaborate step-by-step guide form so that you don’t need anyone to make you understand the problem.
  • For the logical problems, this book will be a great help as it tries to find logic in everything, from Alice in Wonderland to syllogistic and logical paradoxes.

Some online course to ace LSAT

If you have decided to also opt for an online course along with getting the Best LSAT Prep Books, you should know that it’s not as easy as it might seem. Students try not to leave any stones unturned when it comes to acing their LSAT exam and getting admission to their favorite law school.

These online courses will provide you the best study material you need after evaluating your knowledge level.

LSATMax Prep Course

This online course is one of the best rated with a range of features. Students will also get a mobile app and it will be filled with a lot of content. Along with the study material, there will also be video lectures that you can view. This course is also very highly affordable where you will get a Pro version on a monthly subscription at $199/month.

The app will also provide you some useful feedback by pointing out the weak points. This will help you in getting to know about the areas where you need to focus on.

Kaplan LSAT

This is also one of the very good options that you can choose along with some Best LSAT Prep Books. The only reason that you might not want to go for this course is that it doesn’t provide any demo classes.

However, there are numerous reviews posted online that claim the significance of this course. Students will get a very personalized experience where Kaplan will keep them informed about their individual progress. The course will also point out the areas where the students are required to focus on.

There is an Advantage-Anywhere course available as well that will provide the option for a full refund in case you have taken the test earlier too before enrolling in this course. This service is not available on their On-demand Course.

FAQ’S – Best SAT Prep Book

Which course is better, LSATMax or Kaplan?

Well, it depends on what your preferences are. If you want to have more features and customizations, LSATMax is definitely the better one but there is no refund policy like the Kaplan one.

Will you get demo classes in both the courses?

No, Kaplan doesn’t provide you the option of taking demo classes but you can risk that as it’s much cheaper than LSATMax.

Self-study or enrolling in a course, which do you feel, is better?

It totally depends on you. If you are willing to give time and can learn things on your own, self-study is also a very good option. However, when you enroll in a course, you get to meet other students as well that may be helpful in group study.

Are video lectures available in both courses?

Yes, both the courses mentioned above come with video lectures. There are various settings available on the LSATMax so that you can adjust the playback according to yourself.

Are free courses worth it?

When you ask for our Best LSAT Prep Books Recommendations, we have already provided you with it but there are also some students who want to go for free courses. The free courses will not be able to provide you with such vast study material.

Master all the skills needed for LSAT through these Prep books

We have provided you with the list of books that will definitely help you in clearing your LSAT with good scores. There are also various other courses and books that you can choose but these are the battle-tested ones.

These books will not disappoint you and you will not regret the decision to self-study. You can also go to check some of the best LSAT prep books Reddit where you will be able to get connected to more applicants and they may also help you with your problems. If you are still finding yourself in confusion and unable to decide on which book to get, there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help.

We will recommend two books that you can get and invest your time in them to ace your exam. The first book is The LSAT Trainer. The reason we selected this book is that it provides a comprehensive analysis of all the subjects along with a range of mock tests. The subject students find most hard is reasoning, and to cover that front, we recommend Logic: A Complete Introduction. This book will guide you through all types of reasoning problems.