5 Best PSAT Prep Books: Get the Best Score!

March 2, 2020

PSAT is a national scholarship test. It is nothing but the primer for the SAT. It is not only a trial run but by this test, the national and award merit scholarship tests happen. Nearly four million students sit for this national multiple-choice exam every year. The PSAT test is a good practice for students who are preparing themselves for the SAT test.

This exam happens once a year. And the duration of the test is two hours and forty-five minutes (2h40min). Moreover, the schools pay the fees for the eligible students. The maximum score is fifteen hundred twenty (520).

Many people confuse this test with college admission tests. But this test is completely different from the college admissions tests. Students scoring a good score in this exam will get several scholarships and financial help for their education.

Moreover, there are three sections of the exam. These are mathematics, evidence-based reading, and writing skills. The test happens during the month of October every year. To pass this exam, the students need to practice from the best PSAT prep book. We hope this content will help you to find it.

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PSAT Preparation – 5 Best PSAT Prep Books

To prepare themselves for PSAT the students need to focus on basic mathematics and writing and reading skills. The students need to solve mathematical problems with more short cut processes.

Students should also have good aptitude skills. For better help, we are going to suggest some PSAT prep books according to the performance of the last ten years. This will definitely help students to find the best PSAT prep book.

#1. Barron’s New PSAT/NMSQT, 18th Edition

This book focuses on the latest version of the PSAT test. Not only that, but the book also helps the students to have primary preparations for the SAT admission examination.

This book offers tips, tricks, and strategies for the students who are targeting the national merit scholarship. There are several sections of the books containing writing skills, grammatical knowledge, mathematics, special tricks, and examples.

The book provides many sample questions for the students to understand the question patterns more easily.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • Good and quality examples with solutions and explanations. There are different methods of the solution shown for a particular problem.
  • The book contains three model tests with all possible question formats and the right answers.
  • Preparation advice and shortcut tricks are everywhere in the book. PSAT is a multiple-choice exam. The students can not afford to spend too much time on a single question. So the short cuts are very crucial. This makes the book undoubtedly the best PSAT prep book.
  • Nearly four hundred extra practice problems are available in this book.
  • There are numerous sample writing skills to improve students writing skills.
  • There is a CD-ROM with this book containing two full-length mock tests that will definitely help the students to prepare well.

#2. Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT 2017 Strategies, Practice and Review

Kaplan test prep books are helping students to get prepared for various exams for almost eighty years. The Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT is an ideal book for students who are trying to crack the national merit scholarship examination.

This book provides a huge amount of learning aptitude, basics of mathematics and writing skills. The creators of the book are experts of all the subjects and top scorers of PSAT examinations. Kaplan focuses more on the simplest procedures of solutions. This helps the average students to understand the solutions more easily.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • This book provides the simplest processes and tricks for all the questions.
  • There are numerous examples of all kinds. This helps the students to understand and prepare themselves for any problems.
  • This book also provides solutions for the last few years’ questions. The solutions are quite clear and simple. The statistics portion of this book is better than any other book.
  • It also includes a CD-ROM containing two high-quality preparation tests for the students.
  • The book also consists of a special section containing all the formulas that can help the students to solve a problem in less time.
  • All of these features undoubtedly make this book the best PSAT prep book for many students for the last few years.

#3. Princeton Review Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT 2017 Edition

This book provides you all the information needed to crack a national merit scholarship. In this book, you can get all the detailed lessons about each and every chapter included in the PSAT exam. Not only for PSAT, but this book can also help to get prepared for the SAT examination and college entrance examination. In the case of writing and reading skills, the focus is on improving the vocabulary of the students.

In the mathematics section, the book has started the discussion with a short introduction to the basics. This helps the students to remember all the necessary information. There are some specific features that make this the best PSAT prep book.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • You can find too many short cut methods in this book. This will definitely help you to save more time.
  • There is a separate section containing the solutions to all the hard and tricky questions of the last few years.
  • This book also provides you some valuable tips to improve your multiple-choice questions solving capability.
  • There is part describing the crucial information about the merit scholarship.
  • This book also highlights the recent changes in the PSAT rules and regulations.
  • For the students who are suffering problems from quadratic equations and geometry, this book is the best PSAT prep book.

#4. Barron’s PSAT/NMSQT 1520: Aiming for National Merit Review

We are recommending another Barron’s material as one of the best PSAT prep book. It is one of the most updated and reviewed practice sets to be available online. This PSAT manual welcomes the high school students to the current format and prepares to get the best possible score. Additionally, the section-to-section adaption on particular strategies involving tests, critical readings, writing aptitude features are really useful for students.

Special advice for students studying for National Merit Scholarships is to transform good scores into great ones. There are two reflective sets in the prep material, on PSAT, for student’s exercise. The best feature to look for is the explanations of important answers and the book is well written with an intuitive approach towards the students. There are also, hundreds of additional question paper sets available with answers, for each of the subjects.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • One full-length practice in favor of students.
  • Several strategies and tips included for ultimate success.
  • For advanced students, there are numerous drills tailored.
  • Provides the supplement to Barron’s PSAT/NMSQT.
  • Bonus online PSAt practice sets included.
  • Three full-length model test papers available in the prep book.
  • Subject reviews cover critical readings on each subject.

#5. PSAT Prep 2017 Review

The PSAT Prep 2017 is the best PSAT prep book to pass the exam with flying colors. If you are planning to achieve a good score in PSAT, then you must take a guide from this book. All of the questions have detailed and well descriptive answer explanations. Strategies play an important role in exams. It not only prepares you for covering all the subjects but it also helps to understand the time management strategy.

The review material of PSAT Prep 2017 is the best guide to appear successfully on the PSAT. The given practice test questions in the book are very much helpful for error connection. Moreover, it will guide you to identify all the mistakes and avoid them in the exam. With all the latest strategies, a comprehensive study guide, and questions scoring higher marks will be an easy task for the students.


Exceptional Attributes:

  • Various strategies for test-taking to score good grades.
  • Several tips and comprehensive reviews available.
  • All answers have detailed explanations to accomplish success.
  • Quick Overview and detailed introduction to the PSAT.
  • Practice Questions available.
  • It enhances reading, writing, and language skills.
  • Clear and easy to understand answer explanations.

Some Best PSAT Courses You Should Go for

For the students to get the best scores in the PSAT exam, practicing the best PSAT prep book is not enough. The students need perfect guidance and study routine to crack the exam. There are some best courses and packages that can help the students to get prepared for national merit scholarship tests.

Princeton Review

This online PSAT course provides two and a half weeks of study package. The students can attend fifteen hours of online classes. The teachers taking those classes are experts and top scorers. The students can directly ask any doubts to the teachers anytime through the online classes.

The package also provides two full-length PSAT preparation mock tests. Princeton also gives the money-back guarantee for poor scores and results. The students can purchase the full course at $499 for one month. And the course also includes the best PSAT prep book.

Kaplan PSAT Preparation

Depending upon the performances of the last few Kaplan is the second-best PSAT preparation course. They provide one of the best study materials and study plans. Kaplan provides personalized preparation plans and strategies. They also provide two full-length mock tests. The students can attend nine hours of online classes taken by experts. Kaplan also gives regular homework and takes short tests to keep the students in practice.

The monthly subscription price of the Kaplan course is $499. The course also includes CD-ROM and the best PSAT prep book by their own publication.

FAQ’S – Best SAT Prep Book

This completely depends on what the students need. Students with good basics should go for Princeton because Princeton does not focus on personalized methods. On the other hand, Kaplan focuses individually on every student. So the students with weak basics should go for Kaplan

Yes, the students can get demo classes in Princeton. They also provide you with a free sample preparation test. On the other hand, Kaplan does not provide any demo classes. Though they provide some sample questions.

If you compare the simplicity and effectiveness of the study materials then the better study material is provided by Kaplan. Kaplan PSAT prep book is individually one of the best PSAT prep books in the market.

It is quite difficult to conclude the best PSAT prep book 2019. This is because many publishers skipped the year 2019 and are publishing their new books in 2020. Also, you can opt for using the Kaplan 2017 edition. And if you are looking for the best PSAT prep book 2020 then Princeton and Kaplan both can be good choices.

Princeton provides fifteen hours of video lectures per day. On the other hand, Kaplan provides nine hours of video lectures per day. But in most cases, Kaplan teachers focus on making the basics of the students stronger. So it all depends on the student’s requirements.

Start Your Preparation!

Those books and courses are only there to guide the students. The students should remember that they have to do enough self-studies and regular practices to get good scores. You can take help from these two books Princeton Review Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT 2017 Edition, and Barron’s New PSAT/NMSQT, 18th Edition.

These two books cover all the tricks on its sleeves to provide you with the knowledge of shortcut methodology. Where the first one will let you know about the exam formats better than others, the second one will help you to build your knowledge and some awesome tricks like how to solve the problem easily.

Moreover, you make certain to focus more on short cut methods and try to remember all the formulas. Just like mathematics, the students also have to focus on their reading and writing skills. Hard work always pays off.